Eleven O'clock.Mature

It took Ivy a full hour to get her things together. But finally, all set with her jammies and nessessities in her school bag and all the six packs of beer she could get her hands on in a camping bag she climbed out of the window with Ryan's help..

Her parents wouldn't check on her, they never did.

Giggling with excitment and a rush of addrenalin Ivy and Ryan ran down the middle of the road, it was a quiet neighbourhood and the late hour meant fewer cars. Each step she took Ivy could feel the beers blang against eachother and her school bag banging against the back on her legs - but she carried on.

"Where are we going?" She asked when they reached the main road.

"Erm... Dawn and Alexis said meet them at school." Ryan pulled a quizzical face.

"School?" Ivy frowned. "Okay."

And it made sense, school was half-way between Ivy and Ryan and half-way between Dawn and Alexis. Dawn came equipped with a tent and serveral sleeping bags, and Alexis came with food.

"So, what's the plan?"

"Are we the only people who brought booze?"

"Oh we thought you know what was going on?"

"We don't know."


Unplanned. Just the way she liked it.

Ivy smiled and said, "Well, who else is meeting us here?"

"Well, they're not meeting us here, exactly. Can you ring Charlie? She knows everything." Dawn said, biting her lip to keep it trembling from cold.

Ivy wrapped her jacket tighter around her and dialed Charlie.

*Hello? Ivy? Where are you?* She sounded drunk and there was a faint sound of laughter and can clinking in the background. There was a few of them meeting tonight.

"Hey Charlie. We're at school, where are you?" Ivy said calmly and clearly.

Even drunk Charlie was thoughtful and immediately said, *Don't worry, I'm sending Dominic to pick you guys up.*

Dominic, Charlie's boyfriend. He was in college, he could drive. That's it really, Dominic was the kind of person who you didn't notice or go out of your way to bump into. He was just Dominic. Boring and plain. Ivy hoped he wasn't drunk and driving.

Ivy hung up. "Looks like we're hanging here for a bit guys."

The End

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