Ten O'clock.Mature

It was dark when Ivy discovered there was somebody tapping on her window. She pulled out her earphones, laid her book down gently and stood up. She watched the shadows on the otherside of the curtain dance like a flock of joyous birds as she padded slowly over to the glass.

She pulled back the curtain in one smooth movement and saw Ryan. Ryan was balancing very practically on a branch of the tree that grew outside her window, a smile on his face and a bottle of unopened vodka in his hand.

"I've been sat out here for ages!" He hissed through glass, his teeth chattering. "What were you doing?"

Ivy frowned and replied, "Nothing. I was downstairs."

He grinned as he shook his head, knowing full well she had just had her nose stuck in a book. "Anyway, a bunch of us are sleeping out in a tent tonight. You in?"

Ivy looked at the bottle and then back up at her best friend. She had never done anything irrational or stupid. Drinking in a tent, over night. The amount of things that could go wrong... Ivy started listing them one after the other in hr head.

"Hello? Ivy?" His eyesbrows raised.

The list kept growing. "Erm... "

"Come on Ivzz. It'll be fun?"

Ryan was your typical "pretty boy". With soft blond hair, blue eyes and a casual smile that melted girls hearts - Ryan could catch any girl he wanted. But Ryan was Ryan, he was a hard-working, straight A* studant and he wasn't reckless like this. If he thought it was safe enough to go then Ivy thought it was afe enough to go.

"Who's going?" Ivy let her 'goody-two-shoes' shell break.

Ryan, knowing he was getting somewhere, grinned. "Charlie organised it, she's invited a few people. Dawn and Alexis are coming. Charlie told me we have to bring out own gear, Dawn and Alexis said they had that covered. All we need is booze, no money needed for a pitch - Charlie's renting a field in a campsite. It's very respectable and well-planned." He winked.

Ivy couldn't help but grin. He knew her well, a little too well.

Ivy drew a breath. "Alright. Just let me grab a few things."

The End

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