Walking in to the room, Jenna tried hard to figure out what was wrong.  It wasnt anything major, just asubtle change from when she was last here, despite being the last one in the house. 

Then she realised the cushions she always straightened as she left the house were askew.  It was only a small thing, but to her it meant she knew someone had been here.

Which mean Rich had been home.

She walked in to the kitchen to see if he had left a note and out of habit opened the fridge as she walked in.

Again, something different.  Strawberries.  There had been strawberries when she left for work.

Rich came home for strawberries???

Jenna couldnt make sense of what it meant, squewed cushions, missing strawberries.

Shaking her head, Jenna tried to dislodge the discomfort as she climbed the stairs.  Taking off her shoes, she discarded her tights, which she had snagged on the way home, into the bin and then bent over to take the bag out of the bin as it seemed to be full.

Strawberry carton.

Strawberry carton in the bedroom.  Rich home in the middle of the day.  Cushions a mess.

Jenna felt sick.  Suddenly reality came crashing down around her.

There must have been someone else here with him.  A woman.  He was having an affiair.

Going into the bathroom, she emptied the bedroom bin into the sink, but found only rubbish she herself had binned.  She re filled the bag and emptied the bathroom bin.

Used condom.

Used condoms. 2.

They hadnt had sex for weeks, no months.  And from the wrapper it wasnt the condoms they used.  They looked like the cheap ones from public toilets, ribbed and flavoured.

Almost too calmly to be true, she scooped the rubbish back into the bag and took all the rubbish out to the bin. 

Going back into the house, she stripped off her clothes and stepped into the scalding shower, collapsing on the floor in sobs.  Whewn the heat became unbearable she got out, wrapped a  robe around her and stripped the bed, then slipped the matress.  She couldnt bear the thought of lying where some woman had slept.

With the washing in the machine, she set to making tea.  Rich was working late tonight, probably making up for the long lunch or doing the mystery woman in the back of his car.  Too painful, she pushed the thoughts away.

That night, when Rich walked in, she was spread out on the settee, a bottle of wine already drunk and another one open.  She was wearing little,  a cheap push up bra he's brought her but which she'd never worn as she thought it was tacky and matching thong.  She imagined he's brought this other woman something similar, but she had drunk the thoughts away.

When Rich saw him, his mouth literally gaped open.  She stood up and walked over to him, not even allowing him to talk she wrapped one arm around him neck as she pressed her mouth to his, the other hand working to undo the zip on his trousers.

She felt him respond in her hand and soon he had her pushed up against the door, kissing her like he had when they were 19 and first had a house to themselves, when days had been spent in bed just loosing themselves in each others bodies.

This was all she needed to do and it was so simple. 




The next morning Jenna woke with a sore head.  Last night she had realised all she had to do was give him whatever this other woman was giving him.   This was what she wanted wasnt it?  To win him over, win him back.  If he was having sex with her, he wouldnt need a mistress and maybe she could forgive him.

With this in mind, she had forced all thoughts of the other woman out of her mind, started forced herself to respond to his touch, in truth it had been so long she was ravenous for affection.  She had remembered the crazy days of their ealy love affair and had tried to guide his hand to how he had used to touch her, moving her body the way he had used to.

But Rich wasnt interested. 

He had dragged her down to the floor and shee had let him.  Merely pushing her pants aside, he had entered her without caring whether she was as ready as him.  Stil lshe tried to make it work, imagining how he had been before, how it had felt, in those early days.  She even thought it was starting to work but suddenly he groped at her breast, gave it a quick squeeze, grunted and collapsed on top of her.  Aftera few second, he climbed off, put his trousers back on and walked into the kitchen.

The whole thing had taken about 15 minutes and her plan had fallen flat.  She felt humiliated.  She had gotten up and gotten into her pj's.  She went downstairs to find him to hear him on the phone, but as she came in he put it down and she had no chance to hear what he was saying.

"I have to go out, that was Jamie, there's a problem" and with that he went to walk past her and out.

"But you've just gotten in! For gods sake, you cant go out now"

He looked at her like she was stupid and sneered "I've done my duty havent i for tonight?  I come in from work to find you dressed like a tart, obviously gagging for it and i did you.  What more do you want?" and he left.

Tears welled up in Jenna's eyes and she let him go. 

She felt bewilldered and used.  He'd been horny and he'd used her like a reeptical. 


Lying there the next day, remembering what had happened, she felt the humilitation reutrn and she crawled out of bed and collapsed in the shower in tears.

The End

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