"Life As We Knew It"

      Now that I have read 5 chapters of the novel "Life as We Knew It", I can now kind of relate to characters or situations in the story. I have now made an analyses about those chapters. In my opinion, I think I relate most to the character named Jonny, who is Miranda's (the protagonist) younger brother. I relate to him in more than one way, including sports. When I was very young, I played baseball, which is what Jonny plays also.

      Another way I relate to him is attitude, which in Jonny and I's case, we are very chill about things. He also have kind of the same opinions as me on certain things, because in this book, most of the people in the story are assuming that the world is going to end due to an asteroid hitting the Moon and moving closer to the Earth. Which in a way, is also happening to us here in the real world. In our case, many parts of islands all over the world are going underwater due to global warming. We also have kind of the same opinions, for example, his first priority is his family, and I agree with him. Though I'd soon try to help my friends after taking care of my family, family is still my first priority.

The End

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