There are plans to extend the London and Tilbury Railway to run from Southend Central to the pier and beyond.

A new tunnel will be built which will enable trains to leave Southend Central and run right down to the pier, where it will come right out of a tunnel and onto the pier railway, stopping at the station on the pier.

The British Rail train will then leave the station and go along the pier, sharing the line with the pier trains.

The next stop is at the other end of the pier.

From here the train will leave the pier and dive right down into the sea, where it will then go underwater until it reaches the bottom of the sea, the first case of it's kind of  a train running at the bottom of the sea, surrounded by fishes and sea monsters.

Once underneath the sea, the train is in danger of being attacked by sharks and sea monsters which could rip it open and  gobble up all the passengers. This means that guards will have to be put on the train with ray guns to shoot  any monster that tries to attack the train.

The End

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