Brink of Insanity

Love and Lust. Difference? Alexandria Kertanstal doesn't know what they are. Now we know how she ended up here, at the brink of insanity.

Chapter One: "Dream of Me"

It all started when eighteen year old, Alexandria Kertanstal was given a scholarship to attend Lawson University for the Arts. She was personally invited by the Dean of the University to take a campus tour - and that's exactly where she was at this particular moment. Alexandria was currently zoned out, while the Dean gave her the speech of how she would benefit from attending Lawson U- which also, technically was a school for the performing arts. So everybody, including Alexandria was surprised that they gave out a scholarship just like that; considering she wasn't an actress, singer, dancer, or a performer of any kind. Her thing was writing, and once she was inspired; it was like trying heroine for the very first time. She was awarded the scholarship because of the two plays that she had both written and directed in grades 11 and 12 of her high school career. Suddenly, she found herself standing in front of the auditorium entrance, and felt like there was something inside that was drawing her in.

"Can we go inside?" she asked, not making any sort of eye contact with the Dean.

"Sure." he answered politely, as he held the door open for her. They took their seats, when the Dean had realized that they had just walked into the dress rehersal for a play called, "Dream of Me". At first, Alexadria thought the play was corny, but then she caught a glimpse of the lead actress, who played "Lauren". To Alexandria, "Lauren"'s voice was instant inspiration for her to just start writing- who knew that the lead actress would've been the one to take her breath away? "She's amazing isn't she?" Alexandria heard the Dean whisper,

"Yeah. She's incredible. Who is she?" she replied, feeling completely drawn to this random actress-type-girl.

 "My daughter." the Dean answered, proudly.

The End

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