The End …

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Kevin and Cassey ran down the winding stairs and out to the main entrance as fast as they could. Cassey started to get worried about Skyler. "Hey Kevin, will Skyler be able to handle Brian?" Kevin stopped by the main doors, breathing fast.

"Don't worry, Brian is no match for Skyler," answered Kevin, confidently. She thought again. "Ah!" they heard, echoing throughout the castle. 'Was that Brian . . . or Skyler?' they both thought to themselves. "Come on, we have to hurry!" As they ran outside to the gates, they saw someone unexpected.

"Hello again," said Brian. Kevin was completely shocked. He looked back at the castles balcony and saw that he had forgotten to cut the rope. "You must be wondering about what happened to your friend, yes?" Brian pulled out a frozen item from his pocket and threw it at Kevin's feet. He slowly reached for down for the item only to see that on the inside, was a finger.

"You didn't-"

"Don't worry, he isn't dead, only frozen. He will thaw out in a couple of hours, . . . if he doesn't die from hypothermea first," interrupted Brian, "You see, when you were gone, I was practicing on my fighting skills and came across magic. Isn't it a wonderful thing?" Kevin glared at him in hatered. Cassey grabbed Skyler's frozen finger from the ground and looked at Brian.

"If you promise not to hurt Kevin or Skyler, I will marry you," swore Cassey. Kevin quickly looked at Cassey.

"But Cassey . . . ," he said.

"You have a deal," replied Brian. Cassey mouthed 'I'm sorry' to Kevin the walked over to Brian Kevin thought quickly. Everything was starting over.

"Please don't do this to me again," he pleaded. Cassey kept on walking and stood behind Brian. He grinned.

"It looks like she doesn't love you, Kevin," he stated, "Lets go . . . Ugh!" Brian dropped to the ground. Kevin stared in amazement. Cassey had hit him over the head with a rock. She tossed the rock to the side.

"That's payback for slapping me!" Cassey yelled. She ran over to Kevin and fell into his arms. "He is not the one I love. You are, I love you!" Kevin was still shocked, but then shook of the feeling to hug Cassey back.

"I love you too!" he replied. He lifted her chin with his hand, and kissed her on the lips tenderly. They looked at each other and smiled. That was the moment that they have been waiting for their whole lives. "Ok, now lets get out of here before-"

"Ugh, . . . you," Brian grumbled, while getting up. "I'm going to kill you, and then I'm going to kill her." He pulled out his sword, ran at Kevin, and cut across his chest, bearing a deep wound. Brian then pinned him up to a tree with tremendous force from his arm. Cassey screamed and beat her fists on Brian's back.

"Please, stop this!" She yelled, with tears coming from her eyes. Kevin clawed at Brian's arm that was cutting off his airway. He stared into his eyes and saw so much hate and anger. Kevin's eyes then started to blur. Tired of getting punched, Brian pushed Cassey to a boulder and pushed harder against Kevin. "Oww!" Kevin's eyes grew wide, a spark lite up inside of him. He put his hand to his side, pulled out his sword, and plunged it into Brian's stomach.

"Argh!" Brian let go of Kevin and winced in pain, trying to pull out the sword. Kevin fell to the ground and grabbed his throat, grasping for air. Cassey ran to help him up. He staggered, but they ran to the docking area, and stopped there.

"Are you ok?" She asked, at his neck and chest.

"Yea, I'm ok. How about  you?" he replied, putting his hand to her head.

"Yea, it's nothing, what are we going to do? He will be here any minute now," she said nervously. Kevin looked out to the dock and saw the sun coming up.

"Look, isn't it pretty?" he asked. He looked at the dock and had a smile on his face. "I have an idea, but you have to trust me."

Brian came running down the pathway only moments later with sword in hand. "Come out Kevin!" he yelled, looking around. He looked all around the docking area and found Kevin out on the ledge. "There you are," he whispered. Brian ran over to the ledge and stopped nearly half way. "Do you have any last words brefore I kill you?"

"Can you scream loudly so I ca tell how far you're going to fall?" Kevin asked in a rough voice. Brian grinned and ran at him like a lunatic and thrust his sword at him. Kevin backed up slightly and moved his hands to gently touch the sword, to move it to the ground. Kevin then bent over and flipped Brian over. He flew into the air and all the way to the end of the ledge, which he just barely caught. Kevin walked over slowly and bent over to look at Brian.

"You son of a . . . " Brian lost grip and fell, screaming. Kevin turned around to find that Cassey came from her hiding spot and Skyler running down the pathway.

"You finally thawed out, huh?" yelled Kevin. Skyler caught up to Cassey and they all laughed. Everything was finally over. Kevin turned around to look at the sun when he saw that he had lost a lot of blood from where Brian made on his chest. Then, he suddenly heard the stone dock cracking. The sword must have hit harder than he thought. Kevin turned back to Cassey and Skyler, "Skyler, please take care of Cassey for me!" He smiled and fell to his knees. There was no way he could make it even half way across in his condition. Casey looked confused, then saw the sword.

"No . . ." she whispered, "NO!" She ran out to the dock and Skyler ran after her. The dock finally broke and Kevin fell along with it, smiling. "KEVIN!" Skyler pulled her back, in fear of her falling along with him. She fell to her knees and cried out his name for days on end. Right when she had him in the palm of her hands, he slipped rigth through her fingers.

Four years have passed and the dock has fully broken off. Hecta had daisys all over and there were no more wars. Cassey and Skyler came riding on horse to the knewly built docking area. Cassey was helped off of her horse by Skyler, then walked over to where Brian, Kevin, and her always played. Now, there was a gaint tomb stone that said 'HERE LIES KEVIN, MAY HE REST IN PEACE.' Skyler handed Cassey a bouquet of daisys and she placed them on the ground. "Daisys for the rare sight," she whispered.

"He loved you very much m'lady," said Skyler, putting a hand on her shoulder. Cassey wiped her tears away from her face and looked up at him.

"I know, and thank you for protecting me all these years. You don't have to stay you know."

"I know, but I promised Kevin that I would take care of you. Plus, I have no where else to go," he replied, slightly laughing. Cassey laughed and looked out towards the sunset.

"I will miss him . . . "

"I will too." Skyler helped Cassey back on her horse, and they headed back for her castle. While riding back, she turned to the sunset again.

"Only if you could come back to life."

The End

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