My Beloved

Point of View: Cassey

I woke up completely dazed. Why did he have to slap me so hard? I was hoplessly lost. What was I to do without Kevin? I didn't want to believe it but, he might actually be telling the truth. I guess I  just have to go along with the marrige.


The doors of my balcony blew open with tremendous force. A man standing, with a hooded cape, which kept his face covered. Who was that standing there? Is it someone coming to kidnap me? Am I going to be killed? Then I thought even more. It couldn't be . . .

"Hello Miss Cassey, heir to the house of Marque. I have come to rescue you," said the man, bowing in respect. His voice was not my beloved Kevin's. With much interest, I replied to the man.

"If you have come to rescue me, may I see your face and receive your name?" The man hesitated at first, but then raised his arms to take down his hood. My heart felt like it had skipped a beat.

"My name is Skyler," the man stated. He truely was not Kevin. He had white hair and was a few years older than him. My heart sank.

"Thank you Skyler, and where is it that you are going to take me," I replied with a deep sigh. He was about to answer when an knife flew by his face, and slightly cut it. Skyler grasped his face immediatlt and looked with one eye through his fingers at the bedroom door.

"She is going nowhere . . . Kevin." I turned to the door to find that Brian was standing there, "You may have fool her but you cant fool me with your magic tricks." I was now getting even more confused now. I turned to Skyler to ask what he was taking about, when I saw a horrendous sight. Skyler's face was cracking, and soon fell apart to find a new, recognizable, face. He moved his hand away and spoke.

"Hello Brian, only you could see past something like this." The man that was now standing before me had been my one and only beloved Kevin. I ran up to him with an enormous embrace. He hugged me back tightly, kissed my head, and looked back up to Brian."I'm going to take Cassey with me without any trouble. There's no need fer fighting." Brian smirked.

"You think that you can get away with this?" Brian dashed at Kevin with great force, barring a sword in his hand. Kevin gently moved me to the side, took out his sword, and blocked Brian's sword. Brian kept on swing his sword with remarkable strength. Kevin dodged every single shot and did not fight, for he feared of hurting him.

"I have one question for you?" asked Kevin, "Did you send someone after to kill me in war?" Brian did not reply, he only continued to stike at Kevin. "Would you like to know how I escaaped?" Kevin moved Brian's arm, with sword, aside and twisted it, putting him to a halt. "That man right there helped save me." Brian looked at the door and saw a man in a hooded cape, much like Kevin's, but with the very same face Kevin tried to fool him with.

"Hello good sir! You must be Brian, the man that tried to assasinate my friend here," said the man with white hair, "I am the real Skyler." I looked at this man with amazment. He was the man that had saved Kevin.

"You are the man that saved my Kevin?" I asked, "Thank you for bringing him back safely." I bowed in respect, and he did the same. Brian became angry again.

"Damn you all, you cant take her away from me!" Kevin whispered in his ear, "Watch me." He let go of Brian, which made him fall to the ground. Kevin grabbed me and whispered something else to Skyler. Skyler grew a smile on his face.

"Anything for you, Kevin. Now quickly take her to safety." Kevin gave him a nod, and we left him to Brian. Let us hope that Skyler will be safe as well.

The End

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