Who Is That?

Point of View: Authors

As soon as Brian got to the main entrance, he was informed by one of his guards that they were under attack. "Who are the attackers and how many are there?" Brian asked.

"There seems to be one but he is moving so fast that it looks like there might be two, m'lord," stated the guard. Brian thought to himself.

"It cant be too big of a deal, but for safety precautions, sound the alarm. If these 'people' are as fast as you say they are, take forty men to the front gate."

"Yes m'lord." The guard left and Brian went off to get a better view from the top of the castle. He thought to himself more and more but could not think of anyone that would possibly attack. Then, he stopped moving.

"It cant be," he whispered to himself.

The guards gathered around the castle and front gate and waited for the attackers to show themselves. Everything was silent, all you could her was the leaves blowing in the wind. Then, suddenly, a person on a horse came dashing out from the trees on the left side of the pathway and went straight across to the right. The guards were a bit dumb founded until they heard a scream. A guard at the very top of the gate was set on fire and dropped to his doom. The guards took out their weapons in shock and waited for another attack. The man then came out again but from the same side of the pathway, the left, and shot out four ice crystals, and went back to the right side of the pathway. Four men were stabbed in the chest making instant deaths. A guard went to check on them and saw that the ice melted and became daggers.

The man on his came to from the left of the pathway and, with incredible speed, shot out over ten arrows and disappeared to the right of the pathway. "What the hell are you?!" a guard yelled with great fear. He then felt some air behind his neck.

"Your worst nightmare." The guard went to scream but was silenced with a dagger sliding across his throat. Everyone moved back to see the guard fall to the ground. They looked around and saw no one.

"There must be more than one here," another guard said, "keep your eyes peeled." Two men came out on horses and started to kill the guards off one by one. "Pull the gate up!" the guard yelled, pulling his men back. As the gate started to go up, one of the men took off towards the gates as the other man disappeared again. He saw that he was not going to make it and pulled out a dagger. He chanted something to it and threw it at the chain that was hauling the gate up. Then dagger made a clean cut straight through the chain making the gate fall fast.

The man and his horse jumped into midair and disappear. The guards looked around to find the man. "I guess he missed and fell into the moat?" All the guards looked and saw nothing. "Ah!" A guard was killed being frozen into ice. Everyone was in complete awe. Once again, they fought the men on horses.

Soon later, a horse goes to the ground with and arrow in its thigh. The man riding the horse fell off and did a tuck and roll. He pulled out his daggers as fast as he could, but he already had eight or so guards on him. "So there was only one. Lets kill him," said one of the guards, charging at the man. The man dart at the guard and disappeared. "What the . . ." Before he could finish his sentence, he was bleeding from the stomach. A man on horse showed up from behind the guards along with another man by his side.

They both looked at  each other and the man standing darted for the castle while the other got off his horse. He took his hood off and said, "Let's fight."

The other man got to the castle and looked up at Lady Cassey's balcony. He took out his bow to shoot an arrow up there but was stopped by the presence of someone. He turned to find the butler Anthony standing by the front entrance. "If you want to get up there, you have to pass me first," said the old man. The man put away his arrow and took out a sword. Anthony smirked, "I hope you are ready to die." He ran up to the man and disappeared. The man was shocked that he could do the same thing as him. He stood carefully waiting for him to show himself when something shoots by his ear. The man quickly moved away and picked up the thing that almost hit him. It was a poisonous needle. When still examining it, he get punched in the back by the old man. The man fell to the ground.

"Is that the best you've got?" Anthony asked laughing to himself. He disappeared again while the man got up slowly. He shot a few more needles at the man but he caught all. "Damn you . . ." the man heard from a far. Then another needle shot out, with more speed, and almost hit the man.

"Gotcha," the man whispered. He took all the needles he retrieved and flew them back in the same direction it came from. He heard nothing.

"Did you really think that I would fall for that?" the man heard from behind him.

"No, but you fell right into my trap."

"Huh?" Suddenly, Anthony felt a sharp pain from behind him. He turned around to find the man putting a needle into his back. "You son of a . . ." he yelled. He took out a dagger to stab him but the man bet him to it. The man cut off Anthony hand, making it fall to the ground. Anthony grabbed his wrist and screamed in pain.

"I'll let your own poison kill you off," said the man walking away. The old man was going to say something back but the poison had already taking affect. He fell to the ground with blood coming from his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes.

The man continued where he left off. He shot an arrow with rope attached to it up to the balcony and started to climb.

The End

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