New Adventures To Come

Point of View: Kevin

The ship was bigger on the inside than on the outside. The ship was divided into three area: training, cafeteria, and sleeping quarters. In the training area, there are many stations. There was swordsman, archery, wizardry, etc. I spent most of the time at the archery station, that I was the best in less than 6 months.

Later, I found out that my roommate was a guy from the wizardry department. He is eight years older than me, twenty-one. He had white hair and always wore a hooded that covered his face. His name is Skyler and he has completely mastered wizardry. Skyler never talked much, but we became the best of friends. Not only that, but we worked really well together as a team. He even made me a hooded cape so no one could tell us apart in battle, like an illusion. In return, I gave him a hand carved staff. He seemed to like it because he wouldn't stop examining it.

When we finally got into some action, they were only small and short battles. Although, I was very surprised that the battles were held on Grounds and not in the air. I guess that explained why the Sky Raid didn't look like a battle ship. Anyways, we landed on Grounds of battle fields like Ghala and Tatok.

I was pretty good with stealth so I had  no use for a horse, their too noisy. I usually hid in the bushes, trees, or rocks like the other archers, but at night, I hide in the shadows of the night.

Skyler is a wizard, so he has to use a horse. He had a black stallion that he had brought from home. His family were horse breeders until his house was burnt down, along with his family. I backed him up but he had eyes like a hawk. He could see everything, even behind himself. So in the end, I just got the people he couldn't see.

A couple years later, the main fight that everyone was oh so eager for, began.This battle was on Matoha. Now, everyone wished they weren't there. This was a hundred times worse than the other battles we were in. People were getting killed left and right, including some archers. That's when Skyler decided to get me my own horse, a white stallion to be exact. He believed in the Ying Yang thing. Heck, I couldn't blame him, it worked for about five years, until we came to our last year at least.

There was fire everywhere. You couldn't see a thing and the smoke made your eyes burn. A man came up from behind Skyler as he was trying to put out a fire. I dashed over on horse and shot the man in the throat right as he raised his sword to strike. Skyler heard a giant thud and turned to find a man dead on the ground.

"Thanks," he said with a monotone.

"Yer welcome, just hurry up with the fires. No one can see anything, including me," I stated.

"Then how did you just shoot that man behind me?" asked Skyler, looking at me worriedly.

"Uh . . . lucky guess?" I said, scratching the back of my head, laughing slightly. Skyler didn't look too happy about that. He slowly rose his arm and shot an ice crystal at me. I ducked as fast as possible and yelled,"Damn! Did I make you that angry?!"

"No . . . ," Skyler pointed behind me and I looked cautiously. And there, was a man stuck to the tree, dead, by an ice crystal.

"Heh, thanks but uh . . . wasn't that a little too close."

"Now we're even," he stated, smirking. I couldn't argue with that. We then continued putting out the fires. Once everyone finished, the real battle began. I even had to take out my throwing daggers.

Skyler taught me how to charm them to cut through anything. Frankly, it worked. It cut through three men and killed them, with one throw! It kinda freaked me out at first, but it saved my life many times.

I finally got to see Skyler in action with the staff I had made him. He was casting spells left and right. Skyler was one of the very few wizards that had remember all the spells in the book. Now it is a lot easier to cast spells with no sweat. But on the other hand, being so advanced in magic and spells, he gets overwhelmed with power. But that is one of the reasons I'm his partner. When he goes on one of his rampages, I calm him down by covering up hi eyes with his hood. I don't know why this works him, but heck, as long as it calms him. This is the only way and apparently, I'm the only one brave enough to do it.

Skyler and I have been moved to the offensive line for this main battle. That spot iss usually reserved for the swordsman, but most of them got stuck in the fire Since I have never been in this position, I rushed in too quickly and scared my horse.

"Woah, calm down girl!" I yelled, as she kicked me off. "So much fer calm." I looked down only to see that I had fell on a dead corpse. "Ah!" Then, I heard a sword coming out of its sheath and turned around. I rolled out of the way as the sword plunged into the corpse and got stuck. This was my chance. I pulled out a dagger, ran up to the man, and slit his throat. I may be young, but I'm also fast. The man fell to the ground gurgling with blood gushing from his throat. It was a gory scene, and in that instant, he was dead.

"Argh!" I heard a man yell from behind me. As he striked, I grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind his back. This made him drop his sword. I picked his sword up from the ground, and thrust it into his neck. He fell to the ground hard, grasping for air, until his last breathe.

"Kevin watch out!" yelled Skyler. I turned around and an arrow grazed my left shoulder, pushing me to the ground. Wincing with pain, I grabbed my shoulder. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an arrow shot right into my right thigh. I screamed with pain and let go of my shoulder to tend to my thigh. I quickly looked around and saw no one. Skyler was watching from a far when he got attacked. I pulled out the arrow from my thigh and shot it with my bow at his attacker.

Skyler turned to give a thank you smile, but then slowly disappeared. A man walked up from the side, blocking my view of Skyler. He said, "You can thank Brian for this," in a low husky voice. As he lifted his sword, my life flashed before my eyes. I saw my parents and Skyler. Wait, that's strange. The rest of my memories were of Cassey, and her beautiful smile. I held up my arm, hoping to protect myself when I heard Skyler yell my name.

"Kevin!" Then, I saw nothing but darkness. A cold, empty space.

The End

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