Unrequited Love

Point of View: Cassey

Three years have passed since that moment. Now, at the age of twelve, I think my heart heart had stopped when I heard the news.

"Anthony came to my house with a letter, "Kevin said shyly. "It said that my father must go to Sky Wars. But since he's too old and getting sick, I'm taking his place. "He had an army bag slung over his shoulder. My jaw dropped.

"This is so sudden, . . . and your telling me this now with no notice?" I said frantically.

"Actually," stated Kevin, "I just got the letter yesterday saying that they need us immediately." I still couldn't believe it.

"I can't believe Brain didn't warn us or tell us anything. Speaking of Brain, where is he," I said cautiously, looking around.

"I don't know, but I'm sure that he didn't know anything. Anyways, I have something to give you, to remember you by." Kevin pulled out a daisy with its root completely intact. "Here's a daisy. It can still grow if you you give it soil and water. My mother gave it to me before she passed nine months ago. I want you to have it."

"Don't say that! Don't act like we're never going to see each other again cause we will! Please tell me you are coming back!" I yelled, grabbing onto his shirt, now teary eyed. I didn't want him to leave. Not because he's my servant, but because he treated me like a person. I really liked him, he was my best friend.

"I'm coming back," he said with a calm voice while hugging me tightly. He's more muscular than he was three years ago. And his hugs are always so warm and gentle. "I have something to tell you ," he said. I looked up into his mysterious gray eyes. He's handsomer than I remember. "I..."

"Yes," I said, waiting for something but not knowing what. We both started to move in slowly when. . .


Brain came running out of my house. We quickly moved away from each other, blushing. What were we just about to do, and why did I just feel a spark of disappointment?

Brain looked at us both curiously, then shook his head. "Um, hey dude, I'm really sorry that you have to go. I just heard from my dad. I tried to convince him otherwise but, nothing," he said.

"ALL ABOARD THE SKY RAID!" yelled the captain.

"We're gonna miss ya man," said Brain with a kinda suspicious look on his face.

"Thanks anyway man. I'll see ya when I get back." Kevin left his hand out for a medieval hand shake. Brain didn't budge. The only movement he made was putting his arm around my shoulder. Kevin pulled his arm back awkwardly. "Well see ya." Kevin winced as if he were in pain. Then, He smiled and turned.

"See ya . . . good bye m'lady. I'll come back for you!" he yelled as he was walking away and waving. I was going to say farewell but Brain squeezed my shoulder as if to silence me. I watched as the gate rose, in just seconds, I could no longer see him. I away from Brain's grip and ran inside. He looked as if he was pleased that Kevin was gone.

I ran up stairs to my bedroom as fat as I could. Once I got their, I put the daisy down on my dresser. Then, I ran out to my balcony doors, where I could see the docking area. I looked frantically for Kevin and found him only moments later.

"Kevin!" I yelled as loud as possible, "Kevin!" He looked around, then back up at the castle and smiled. I started to tear up again. This was my chance, "I love. . .!"

I got pulled in by one of my guards. I have the image of his smiling face turn to shock in my head. The guard shut the doors and turned to me.

"Madam, I've orders from your father. You are to have dinner at the house of with Master Brain's family tonight. "I just stood there absentmindedly as the guard left. I fell to my knees and started to cry. I didn't even get to say good bye.

The End

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