Bring Me To Life

Whenever I listen to music, I have a movie clip based on the song. This story is based off from the song bring me to life by Evanescense. It is about three kids who are somewhat of good friends. Kyle and Brian fight for the love of Cassey, their childhood friend. But what happens when Kyle gets sent off to war and leaves Cassey with Brian?
{Please don't be harsh with the comments, this is my first time ever writing.}

Point of View: Kevin

My name is Kevin. I have black shaggy hair and grey eyes. I lived on the Grounds Hecta. Grounds are peaces of land that float in a never ending amount of sky. My family was really poor and to help make money, I worked in the house of Marque as a servant.

The house of Marque was the greatest of all the land. Their heir was a young girl named Cassey. She was nine, one year younger than me. Cassey had long blonde hair and gorgeous sky blue eyes. She was usually bored and had nothing to do, until I came along. My job was basically to be her friend and keep her from bordem. It was easy and fun. Even a boy from the neighboring family visited her.

The neighboring family was the house of Phantomhive. Their heir was a young boy named Brian. He had really short brown hair and green eyes. He was ten, as well as me. His house lead the military on Hecta, and was unstoppible. Actually, Cassey and Brian are to be in an arranged marriage when older. If they do marry, both houses would get much benefit.

Brian was very fond of Cassey, as much as me. But she wouldn't even think of it. I'm poor and her family would benefit nothing. She's better off with Brian. I have no chance, or, so I thought. . .

It all started when we were all playing around the ship docking area, which was not very far from Cassey's house. The sky ships used to go there to load and unload cargo. Now, it's only used to get military recruits, which is rare on Hecta. The docking area is a very long and skinny stretch of rock . If you fell, you would be falling into an endless amount of sky, not knowing if you will survive.

"Hey, let's throw Kevin off the dock and see how far he falls!" said Brian, laughing really hard.

"That wouldn't make sense, we won't be able to see him past the clouds," stated Cassey, matter-of-factly.

Brian crossed his arms and grumbled to himself, "We could hear his scream." I was listening from behind a tree when I came back from my house. I was afraid at first, but then I heard Cassey stand up for me, . . . sorta.

"M'lady!" I yelled, as I ran up to Cassey, "Look at what my mom gave me, a daisy!" Daisy's are very rare on Hecta. "Here, I want you to have it, for you are a rare sight as well."

"Wow, thank you so much! I am flattered," she said, blushing.

"Whoo-hoo! Look, a flower, HOW GREAT!" stated Brian with a sarcastic voice. "Anthony!" A man came running with a slightly small package in his hands. Anthony was Brian's servant.

"Here you are sir," replied Anthony.

"Thanks, now leave, you're making my eyes bleed!" While Anthony left, Brian tore open the package like a kid opening their first ever present. "Here is a REAL present, Cassey." He held out a gold necklace with a enormous gem.

"Oh my, um. . . this is very . . . elegant, Brian." Cassey replied as she put it in the pocket of her dress. This was normal, Brian always showers Cassey with great gifts. This time, Brian looked as if he was very impressed and then glared at me. I was shocked, then just shook off the feeling. To be honest, I thought him and I were very good friends.

"M'lady, it is getting dark, would you like me to escort you home?" I asked.

"Of course you can," she answered, giggling. We all walked back to the gate of the big castle where Cassey lived. Then, Brian turned and stopped.

"Well, I'll see that she gets in safely. You can go back to your pile of sticks you call a house," said Brian.

"It's called a cabin," I stated.

"Pile of sticks, cabin, same thing. Let's go m'lady," said Brian aggressively. Then they both turned as the gates started to rise. Cassey peeked over her shoulder and mouthed 'I'm sorry' then showed the daisy and smiled.

The gates blocked me from seeing them both now. The next thing I know, I'm redder than a red beat. I couldn't help but think that she would become a beautiful bride someday. I smiled, and walked home.

The End

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