Bright Star {Chapter 1.2}

Bright Star {Chapter 1.2}


I stomped around my room, looking through boxes and boxes of clothing, trying to find my purple t-shirt.

"Ugh! I'm never going to find it!"

"Need some help?" I truned aorund to face Kylie, smiling happily. "Yeah, I need a purple shirt, it's kindof like a sweatshirtish thingie."

Kylie stuck her hand in a box and after a second of sorting through, she pulled out my treasure. My mouth hung open. "But, but, I already looked in that box!" I whined. I was going to be late.

"Hurry up! The bus will be here soon!"

"Why do I have to take the bus?"

"Because, I will be leaving and we don't know anyone who will drive you." She shut the door, to let me change.

I pulled on the shirt and some jeans and hurried into the bathroom. I slipped my hair into a braided bun. I put my watch on and set the timer for ten minutes.

Not late enough, it was beeping.

The End

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