Bright Star {Chapter 1.1}

Bright Star {Chapter 1.1}


I awoke in a bed in an unfamiliar room. It was set up like my room, but the walls were different and the window was in the wrong place. Where was I?

"Kylie!" I opened a door and faced a dark hallway. I walked down it, seeking the protection of my aunt. Then it all came back to me.

I was in our new house, in California. I must have fell asleep in the car, but who had took me all the way upstairs. I was sure Kylie couldn't carry a 114 pound, fifteen year old girl.

"Gage! Are you okay?!" Kylie's fugure appeared out of the darkness and she took me in her arms.

"Yes, I'm fine."

"Why the heck were you screaming like that? You practically gave me a heartattack."

"Umm...I didn't know where I was. Sorry."

"It's fine. You just scared me. Don't do that again, please?"


"Now, are you tired?" I shook my head. "Then come downstairs, I'm watching TV."

I followed her downstairs to the living room. It was way bigger than our old one. She sat on a couch and I put my but in the recliner.

"When are your parents going to get here?"

"Tommorow. They wanted to stay an extra day at the hotel. So, that's why I took you."

I nodded. "So, you're not going to be staying?"

"Right, I have to go to school. Plus my friends are there."

"It would just be nice to know one person when I go to the high school."

"I'm sorry, I really wish I could stay with you, but it's just to hard to go through all the paperwork to enroll in a new school if I'm not going to stay here long."

"Now, get some rest. It's 12 and you have to wake at 6."

I pushed back and layed my head on a pillow. Then I feel asleep.


The End

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