Bright Side

Always Look on the bright side...

Always look on the bright side they said. Yeah right. Look where that got us...

Looking on the bright side of going to possibly the most dangerous place in the world was; well there is a small chance that we maybe possibly might get out alive. Tarna (my sister) was leaning against the wall oposite me which wasn't that far away seen as her feet were touching- you litrally couldn't swing a cat in here. Though why the hell would I want to anyway? And how would you swing it? By its tail? What random stuff one thinks about before one dies.  Well I suppose I wasn't strictly going to die, my mind was but not my body. No the aliens would take that. Inhabit it and pretend they were human. The Thaynian race of alians from some planet far away, or the soul breakers as we call them did that and fed on our souls. I tried not to wonder what alien would have my body as 4 of them came to collect us ,in human bodys, from our cell.

"I suppose its goodbye Lassa" Tarna said emptily. Then her hand flew to her back pocket and whipped out two knives.

"Wow Tarna how did you get those through security!"

"doesn't matter now" Tarna smiled, "Remember there weak spot is the small of their back." She whispered as they came in.

Maybe we had a small chance of surviving now. Maybe just maybe.

I realize now i never did ask Tarna again how she got the knives and now, now i never will. 

The End

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