Shattered HopesMature

It wasn't the bigger room that she'd dreamed of. It was hardly even a room ... more of a cell, and what a cell! Elena realised now that where she'd been before was the ultimate in luxury.

This room measure four paces across and two paces in length, or the other way around if you preferred. Which also happened to be the length of her chain, something Elena felt was probably not a coincidence. There was a barre halfway up one of the walls, as Rich obviously didn't want her to allow her body to get soft, and there was no room for a chair. She would not have room to lie flat on the floor and there was nowhere else to sleep - she would have to curl up. There were no windows, but that was no great loss, as there was nothing to see. A bare lightbulb provided all of the light.

Elena looked around for some sign that she wasn't completely alone. There was markings on the walls, drawn in any number of substances. Some was chalk, other charcoal - some things she didn't even want to know. Most of them were tallies, and she wondered how many prisoners Rich had taken in the past, and what had happened to them. Others were messages.

Don't let them take you like they took me. Do whatever you have to do to resist.

She looked at it - as if she'd do anything else.

It's easier just to give in, another contradicted. At least that way they don't beat you. Well, not so much, anyway.

She shuddered, and looked down at the floor. It looked clean enough, and they'd given her a new bucket to relieve herself. What really worried her was whether she'd be able to lie down and sleep without kicking it. But the days of sleeping on her shelf had made her wary of kicking around, in case she fell, and she'd learned to sleep in a fixed position. That should help her now.

"Oh, Rich," she said aloud, but quietly enough that a camera or microphone would be hard pushed to pick up the tiny sound. "What have you done to me? What have you done to me?"

There was nothing for it. Elena made herself as comfortable as she could and closed her eyes. She would have to get some sleep. No doubt they'd wake her before she had time to have any dreams, but it was something she could wish for.

Dreams, she thought, as she was dropping off. I'd like a dream. I haven't had a proper dream in days ... not that I can remember anything. But of course I'll have to be up soon enough. They always want me to try something on. Dancing, dancing, always dancing. Will I never rest?

Elena slipped away into sleep. An hour passed. Another. Two more. Five. By now it was long past the time she should have been brought food, but nobody had come to her cell. Another hour, and they should have been calling her to come to the hall. But  nobody had come.

Elena slept on.

And then, she dreamed.

The End

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