A Walk To What?Mature

"Up." It wasn't Rich. It was one of the guards that she hated, that were harsh and would not speak to her. Obviously, the master had changed his mind about being nice ... but it wouldn't seem that he'd changed his mind about the room. Elena got up quickly, without having to be told twice, and left her cell almost eagerly. This was the moment when she got a bigger room!

She was marched along a corridor. They turned right, and then left, and then right again. Although she tried to keep track, it was impossible - the only thing she knew for sure was that they were going down, down, down, even though they didn't go down a single flight of stairs. Every one of these corridors was like a long sloping ramp, she realised.

"Are you taking me to my new room?" she asked the guard, who didn't reply, just pulled on the chain attached to her manacles and led her a little faster. She'd been clipped into the handcuffs the moment she left the cell, perhaps in case she tried to run away. "Come on, you can talk to me. I'm not going to bite you."

But he just turned his face away. Elena sighed and tried again. "Look. If you're worried about Rich being angry, I'm sure you needn't worry. He said I would get a nicer room today, right? So he can't hate me. Therefore I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you just told me whether that was where we were going."

"No talking," mumbled the guard. "We're not to talk to the prisoner. We're not to fraternise."

Elena sighed again, more loudly. So she was still called a prisoner, despite all the promises. She began to remember the look on Rich's face when he looked at her, and knew that she could expect nothing from him. "Fine," she said aloud. "Well, if that's the way this is going to be..."

They walked for a long time, until at last the guard pulled her to a halt, the manacles digging into her soft skin. "There's no need for these," she said, gesturing to her chains. "I have nowhere to go, and anyway, I can't work out how to get out of here. We've been walking for hours."

"Master's orders," said her guard. "This is your room." At last he smiled, but it wasn't a friendly smile. It was a bitter, nasty grin, and when Elena saw his broken teeth she knew that this wasn't going to be what she wanted. The door was iron, but that didn't mean anything. There could still be a luxury suite behind it, with carpets and curtains and a proper bed ... Rich had called her shelf disgraceful ...

The guard pulled open the door and pushed Elena inside. He was about to close it once more when he remembered something. "Almost forgot," he said, with a malicious chuckle, and pulled from his pocket a large key. With this he unlocked a padlock on the door and attached the chain from Elena's manacles to it. "No escaping from here, you little rat."

Then the door was closed, a light flicked on, and Elena could see where she was.

The End

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