A QuestionerMature

"Elena," said Geoff, after their next action meeting. Now that she knew why they were planning all of these raids and pranks, they were suddenly more exciting, more important - Elena could hardly sit still, and a moment didn't go by when she didn't give a suggestion for how to improve their plans.

She looked at him warily, about to follow the others out of the room to get ready. "What is it?" she asked him.

"I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes." Obediently, Elena sat down on the sofa, getting ready to listen. Would this be another mind-blowing revelation, or was it nothing? "Don't worry, it's nothing dramatic. I had a couple of things to ask you is all."

"Fire away, then," she said, wishing she wasn't there. It was horrible being the only girl and not just because she was weaker than the others - they couldn't understand why getting changed and getting ready took her so long. If Geoff spoke to her for more than a couple of minutes she would keep them all waiting while she tried to free herself from her mandatory dresses and put on the trousers for which she longed.

"It's nothing important," he repeated. "Well, it could be. But right now they'll seem like odd questions." She said nothing, waiting for him to ask her. "All right. Um, well, would your parents miss you if you disappeared for a while?"

"Miss me? I don't know. Probably. They'd be angry anyway - they'd probably set half the town after me to bring me back. Yeah, I guess you could say they'd miss me, but not necessarily for the right reasons."

"Any reason that's enough for them to send people after you is a good reason," promised Geoff. "For a start, it gives you a chance to come back."

"Was that all you wanted to ask?"

"No. I don't know if you were - aware of it exactly, but Mathew - Mathew had, or has, feelings for you. That's why he asked me to let you in in the first place. So, I was wondering if you could be, uh, sensitive to that when you're talking to him? And I was also wondering if you - returned the feeling, as it were."

"What? No!" She was shocked enough to forget that Mathew could easily have been listening at the door, and didn't really care any more if she hurt his feelings. "No, nothing. I mean, Matt and I have been hanging out for ages, but he's just a friend. No, I don't feel for him."

"I was just asking," said Geoff with a small smile. "And finally, you dance, don't you?"

"Dance? Well, I used to. I left classes just after I joined you guys. Didn't want to seem like a sissy."

Geoff sighed. "But you still dance, don't you? You don't go to classes, but I've seen you practicing. You still do it."

"Well, yeah. I'm probably doing everything wrong, though. I shouldn't have left - I miss it a lot. But I'd rather have friends." Elena shrugged, uncomfortably aware of his eyes, fixed on her face.

"Well, no one would know if you get it a bit wrong."

"A dance teacher would."

"Yeah, but you don't go to classes, do you?" Geoff turned away. "You can go now, get ready for the raid. But don't forget your dancing. Remember it, it might help you."

What did he mean by that? Elena went back to her room and started getting dressed, tying back her hair  tightly so that it didn't fall over her face. Dance. Now there was something she didn't think Geoff knew about. It seemed he knew everything. 

The End

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