First day of my life

Woke up before anyone else. Made coffee & checked the internet. MSN is down completely. Bing, Yahoo and Google are still up and running. Iternet is very fast. Found a user group Zombies_or_us on Yahoo Questions. Lot's of info there. Looks like every part of the planet is affected by the Zombie plague. No metropopulations are zombie free and the few ham radio operators in rural locations have also reported zombies. There are many ideas on what to do but not many answers. Most people are staying in place and hoping that their supply of food and water outlives the zombies. Unfortunatly no one knows how long zombies will continue to roam the streets. I found another group of people holed up in a grocery warehouse across town, about 15 miles from us. We've spoke to them on our cell phones and so far we're very upbeat about finding other survivors but still not ready to leave our nest. The roads are a mess, cars abandoned every on the streets and unknown number of zombies... A few of us are going to scout out our situation from the roof. There is a hardware store in the same strip mall we're in and we need some more tools and building material. The zombies are attrached to movement and seem to have abnormal hearing and smelling cabablities.  We've seen them outside the front doors sniffing around and looking through the barrier.  They seem to be more  active at night. During the day they lay around in the shade. But the slightest sound get's their attention. We watched them chasing a dog around the parking lot this morning. Poor dog was looking for it's master and all these flesh eating zombies where lurching after it. One of the ladies went to the back door and with the help of a couple of the guys was able to whistle the dog inside. Poor dog was exhausted. We imediantly fed her some dog food and gave her a shower in the meat department. She's a little wary but a smart and loving dog. We've got two children in the group and they are so happy to have a dog now. Her dog tag said her name was Goldie but we took the tags off. They made too much noise, and we renamed her Lucky, Lucky Lucy.

The End

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