Bright Eyed Zombies

A zombie survival Story about some people traped in a grocery store with small side stories

Its Week Thirteen of the Zombie Apocalypse. As it turns out The citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba aren't as Zombie-ready as they thought they'd be. Its something that crosses everyones mind,  even on a daily basis-or maybe that's only if your me. But everyone considders it: If there were a zombie apocalypse, would you survive? how long? Where would you go? what would you do? these are the questions that flooded my mind on a daily basis.

"Why?" You may ask your self. Why would I always be thinking about the Zombie Apocalypse? I was a psychology Major, Psychology is a tool developed by the human mind, Why do we think? why do we forget? how does the human mind work? Psychology even suggested that you can tell a persons personality by the shape of their body. This all got my thinking about the human mind, you read about it all day, and suddenly you want to know everything about it. The ultimate Psychology experiment. I dwelled on this for a whole year, nothing comes close to fighting everyday for your life, and struggling to stay sane, fighting to not become the thing you fear. nothing comes close to human exploration as this,

When that day came, Ninety-one days ago. I was ready. Me and a select few others, very few. I don't know how many survivors there are globaly, but judging by the state of the world, not many. considdering there are no tv stations running, no planes in the air, radio stations are dead air. Cell phone service is still up and running, but who knows for how long. The internet is still running, but its not being updated. The world is screeching to a halt, its moving, but so slowly it dosn't even matter. I'm not sure about the rest of the world. But Winnipeg is a ghost town. Maybe soon we can all go to Alberta, where hopefully they've never heard of The zombie disease, or what ever the technical term is, I'm sure some winnipeg-based doctor thought of one right before his killer removed his larynx with his mouth and proceded to consume the rest of his face.

For the first few weeks of the Epidemic; when we still thought this was an epidemic,- but we began to realize it's not an epidemic if the afflicted don't know they're sick. If they just want to take out you're achilles tendon with their front teeth theres not much you can do to help them. The world went on. People went to work, the world kept spinning, everything was fine, but when ten percent of the population disappeared I think The Entire Global population realized as a whole we had to do something-reverted to Plan B. And i'm not talking about birth control, Everyone picked a side, hoping and praying they were on the right side. The safe side,

It's a war waged. People against zombies. I was defensive, rarely offensive. But when I had to be; nothing beat hitting a zombie over the head with a cast-iron pitch-fork. I had made my self at home at the local grocery store, me and three other survivors made it our own.

We rarely left, the front of the store was barred up, including the entrance and exit. we came and left by means of the employee only door at the back of the building. Even the shipping and receiving doors were out of comission, they both had a semi-trailer attached. We could leave at any time with out ever setting fot outside for more than a second, Life was looking up. Well kind of.

And tomorrow was the first day of the rest of our lives.

The End

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