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“It’s not a matter of liking one of you over the other…” Jehovah shook his cup around, noticing that it was empty. He was quiet for a minute before the container refilled itself, “I created you. So you are my child, servant, lover, and, for all intents and purposes of the word, you’re my bitch.” Luci was practically glowing red in a blush as he turned and sat on the ground, like an angry child as he yelled back,

“Oh, fuck you!” Jehovah could only chuckle,

“I don’t let you top me enough to do that effectively.” The brown-haired deity smiled again as the devil screamed and laid out on the floor. The room was eerily quiet for a moment: Jehovah drinking and Luci laying on the floor as he looked at the TV.

“Hey…” The red-head whispered. “It’s almost summer on the west coast of America right?” Jehovah nodded. “I want to start a wildfire…” It seemed as though Jehovah was about to refuse, but he actually said,

“…Fine.” Luci jumped up, his eyes shining in pure, unadulterated joy,

“Really? You’re finally taking the stick out of your ass, yay!”

“If you let two serial rapists get the death penalty.” Luci’s joy immediately faded.


“Those are my conditions, deal with it.”, Jehovah explained before he went back to his new smoothie. Luci growled, his face getting angrier and angrier before he screamed,

“God, I hate you!!”

“Which translates into how much you love me.” Jehovah only smiled as Luci cried again.  

The End

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