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“That is not happening and you know it!” Luci snapped back, turning his head away before he reached for the remote that controlled the television. “Okay, fine, how about WWIII? I’ve been working on that for a while now.”

“No.” Was Jehovah’s simple reply as he barely spared a glance towards the images of an oncoming war on the screen, causing Luci to growl a bit. But then he smirked and began while he changed the channel to scenes of festering boils and people dying in the streets,

“How about this? A new incurable disease that will sweep across continents and nations ravaging the populace! And I shall call it ‘The Black Plague 2.0’!”

“No.” The brunette deity huffed before he sipped at his smoothie, “Do you know how long it took me to get Europe back to normal after the first Plague?” He was about to go back to his drink before he added, “Well, I wouldn’t say normal per say… You understand what I mean.” Luci groaned, tossing the remote control down before he began to whine,

“You hate me…”

“If I hated you Luci, I wouldn’t share a bed with you now would I?” That monotonous remark, despite the lack of emotion behind it, was enough to make the malicious figure smile; sharp, white teeth shining as he spoke,

“I’m pretty sure that Gabriel and Raphael are still jealous of me,” Out of nowhere, Luci jumped up and climbed on top of the couch. He stood up, wobbling a bit, before he laughed out, “You hear that, you harp-plucking pussies?! God loves me more than he does you!” Jehovah only sighed,

The End

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