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See God. See The Devil. See them handle their tumultuous relationship: one trying to keep everything on the planet stable, the other constantly throwing hissy-fits in a plea for attention. Light sexual themes.

 The little girl watched with wide, watery brown eyes as a man stalked towards her; his clothes and hands caked in blood from slaughtering his family members. “Daddy…” She whispered, “Please… stop…” The man only chuckled before he lunged forward, bloody knife in hand –


“Wait a minute.” A calm, collected voice said before a sipping noise, someone drinking from a straw, echoed throughout the space. The scene of the little girl about to be murdered by her own father had been paused on a large television screen as two men watched it while they relaxed on a large leather sofa. The one who had just spoken appeared to be in his thirties, medium-length brown hair falling to his neck that was the same shade as the slight stubble around his jaw. His lips pursed around the straw of the smoothie cup that he was drinking once more before he began, “Lucifer, I’m not accepting this scenario.”

“God damn it, Jehovah!” The other man fumed, raking long scarlet-covered fingernails through his long, fiery-red hair. He was very fair, in both looks and complexion, and his figure had the seductive appeal of a woman’s. But his red eyes surrounded by charcoal narrowed as he pouted, “All I want to do is cause a little suffering here and there for the human race; is that too much to ask?!” Jehovah, otherwise known as God (you know, creator of life, the universe, everything; no big deal), frowned before he replied,

“I won’t even dignify that with a response…”, before he went back to his smoothie. Lucifer, though he would rather be called Luci now of days, groaned before slumping into his seat and whining, “Fine, what would you have me do?” Jehovah blinked before he spoke,

“I would rather you give up this façade of being evil and come back to heaven.”

The End

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