Brief Encounter

It was a brief encounter
in a rare moment of weakness succumbed
After years of fidelity she strayed
and the arms of a stranger beckoned

She wasn’t sure how it quite happened
on impulse she agreed to meet
the conversation had turned quite pleasant
compelling her to be indiscreet

She followed him to his apartment
and quietly consummated their tryst
the shock that accompanied the aftermath
the text, the calls when she was missed

She couldn't quite face her family
in the shower she tried to cleanse
any physical signs of impropriety
and her reluctant pretense

Her husband noticed her reticence
Her motives were misconstrued
Her denials led to more conflicts
turning her into a recluse

But one day she did confess
in tears, asked him to forgive
Her husband stood in muted pain
not wanting to believe

Perhaps the fault had been his
neglecting his lonely wife
Alas, they left many things unsaid
but then so it goes in life

The End

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