Bridling Fire:5Mature

Kylar never would have imagined himself missing his boss’ sharp, barking orders or harsh enforcement of the rules.  But as Lyric lay there in Felix’s lap, silent and unmoving and bloodied, he never would have expected the feeling of fear and almost-loss to be so friggin’ painful.

Without the drugs that Kat gave her, Lyric would have been still and silent for all of five minutes; but five minutes is not enough time to fix the damage and make the pain and danger disappear, so they lengthened her coma to something around twelve hours.  Kylar paced and watched and kept order (not that there was much chaos; everyone sat around stunned and quiet and afraid) while Felix helped Kat.  It was sort of an unspoken but mutually agreed upon thing for Kylar to be in charge if it so happened that both Lyric and Felix were down, but it hadn’t happened before now, not on a serious level.  He did not like it.

The horses were taken from their strings and let alone to wander.  Every single pony sensed the tension and found his or her rider, seeking reassurance and probably wanting to protect, just in case.  Momentum had to be kept in check by both Kylar and Dusk, with the occasional help of Frostbite; he simply would not be still while he could smell Lyric’s blood and see her fail to move about like a living thing.  

As he pushed Momentum back yet again with his full weight, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  Jacie stood behind him, Tempest just as close.  “I’ll take over,” she said.

Kylar nodded, panting.  “Thank you,” he said.  Jacie gave a curt nod and proceeded to stand in front of Momentum, staring him down.  He stopped moving, ears quivering and trained on Jacie.  He gave a furious snort.

Kylar was impressed, but did not stay to watch.  He took Dusk and mounted, leaned into a brisk canter, and thundered out of the woods where they were camped and into the savanna-like fields that ran alongside the forest.

Kat did not say anything throughout most of the ‘surgery.’  Felix did not care that his fear and agitation showed clearly on his face; hiding it would have been selfish of him.  He was afraid of Lyric’s condition and he knew it.

It was finally almost finished.  Kat changed her rubber gloves for the millionth time and finally, finally coaxed a bandage under the hand that held Lyric’s head up.  As she wrapped it, her face was pale.

“That’s all I can do for now.  The metal is all out and that’s the best thing, but it’s deep and it’s right next to her brain and head wounds bleed a lot.”  She took a breath and seemed to try not to look nauseous.  “She’s too stubborn to die, at least.”

Felix was not reassured.

Then, hours later, Lyric woke up, showed no sign of pain and promptly began stumbling dizzily around the camp.  Felix had no choice but pick her up and forcefully put her in his tent, more or less strapping her to the bed.

“You just took shrapnel to the face,” he reasoned.  “You’re SO not allowed to move.”

The End

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