Bridge Over Black Waters

"Daddy, why is the water black?"

Looking up at her father, the young girl, with her honey coloured hair shifting in the wind, her dark eyes searching those of her father for the answer to her question, as she looked up from the water that flowed under the bridge they were standing on, in the middle of the woods.

"The dim light, sweetie. The shadow from the trees makes the water look dark." He answered, squeezing her pale little hand. Raising her free one to touch her face, as she gazed at her reflection, she asked again.

"Can anything else make the river black?"

"...Food colouring?" He asked with a chuckle, lifting her onto his hip. She giggled, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck, still glancing at the water out of the corner of her eye.

"Daddy? Can blood make the water black?"

That day was probably the last time she saw her green-eyed hero. He just...dissapeared. The young girl, having now lost both parents, wondered to herself. He hadn't answered her question. Perhaps...she should find out what made the water black?

The End

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