Brian Tannery's camera scan


On Friday July 19th 2013 Brian Tannery went to have his bladder examined with camera, but, before hand was given an antibiotic injection for infection.He had his test, was given antibiotics and went home. But by the evening his body swelled up and burst, exposing all his organs.
A huge gaping hole had developed in his body.Septic shock had set in. Not only that, his internal organs became so hot that they blew up and exploded.The carer came to see him, rang the door, but no answer, so she got out the master key and opened up the door. She came in and got a terrible shock when she saw the gaping hole in the man's body. she called the ambulance and they rushed Brian to hospital. He was put into intensive care and had to have emergency surgery. The surgeons set about repairing the burst organs and gave him 500 pints of blood and huge amounts of fluid. He was also put on massive doses of antibiotics. 
When the operation was over the surgeons explained the illness to the carer. They said that:
"Another hour and he would have died. Luckily you, Brain's carer, called the ambulance.They had to rush him to hospital, going at a speed of 120 miles and hour.
Brain Tannery's illness was so severe that he had to be in hospital for two years, and because of the huge damage that was done due to septic shock he had to be removed to a nursing home.

The End

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