Moving On

I slowly wake up in my bed, wondering what just happened. It's not the first time I've ever had the dream, and I doubt it will be the last. Though I must add that it's the furthest I've ever made it. Usually I wake up just as I turn to take the already cleared path.

I sit up and listen to the thunder storm outside my window. Suddenly, my room goes completely white, and I swear my life flashes before my eyes.

Am I truly dead now? Did I die of a heart attack?

The illumination fades moments later, and it takes a minute for my eyes to adjust the newly dimmed room.

A burning smell fills my nostrils, and before my heart has a chance to calm down, thunder shakes the whole house.

"Kitty?! Are you all right?" my mom calls up, obviously panicking.

"I'm fine, mom! What just happened?" I yell, shaking off my covers and standing up.

Dressed in the short shorts and sports bra-- my usual night attire-- I stumble down the stairs, skipping the last three steps and catching myself on the wall.

"Lightning, I think," my mom says as she walks into the living room. "Oh, Heavens Kitty. Put some clothes on; you'll freeze."

"Sorry mom," I apologize, wrapping a blanket around me. "So, you think lightning came into my room? How is that even possible?"

"Haven't you been learning this in school? Copper is a conductor of electricity, and we have copper wires everywhere upstairs. We're lucky that we didn't get electrocuted, or that the house hasn't gone up in flames." She explains, meticulously straightening the throw pillows I had messed up.

"True," I reply, heading back up the stairs. "I'm going to take a shower, since the storm seems to have stopped."


Later in the evening, my om and I are watching a crime show on the television.

When it's over, I kiss my mom on the cheek and head up to my room. I slip under my covers and I'm asleep before my head hits the pillow.


In my dream, I'm running through the jungle again. I get to the edge of the field. I'm stabbed by something or someone.

And then the journey moves on.

The End

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