Madelyn's Confusion


Written by GardeniasCastle & Fitzy

After leaving Cella’s room, I felt more exhausted than I’ve been.

My happiness of my parents liking my new perfect, handsome, flirtatious boyfriend disappeared after an understanding fell upon me over Melina. An image forms in my mind of her getting electrified and anger consumes me.

“I hope that I don’t see Callum ever again,” I muttered to myself as I enter my room and notice Pascal in her aquarium.

“You still need to learn much, my little bonded,” Pascal said. “Words have power and you just told the universe that secretly you would like to see him again for revenge. Not good. Meditate and cleanse your soul off the negative energy.”

I sigh. “You’re right as always. I hope Marcella finds a perfect boyfriend just like mine.”


I missed saying my goodbye to Uncle Rex. Last night, when I popped in to make sure that Melina was preoccupied, I didn’t say goodbye. I hope that he doesn’t hold it against me for he did so much for my sisters and I.

Cella joins me in the kitchen.

“Eggs and bacon?” She asked and I notice dark bags under her eyes.

“I’ll set the table and pour juice then,” I told her.

“Great,” she replied and then smiled. “Can you look after the store today? I need to take care a couple of things and meet with Paige.”

“I hope that you’re planning to stop by that Italian restaurant and make a reservation,” I told her.

She glares at me, again her red eyes look even darker with the dark bags.

“Sorry, sorry.” I raise my arms in the air. “You’re the responsible sister, sorry.”

We laugh and she ruffles my hair.

“After you finish setting up the table, go and check on Melina, will you?” Marcella asked.

“I did on the way downstairs, but her lock spell is still active,” I confessed.

“That’s peculiar,” Marcella said slowly. “I walked by her room twenty minutes ago and the lock spell was off.”

“You woke up that early?” I asked her curiously.

She averts her gaze to the frying pan, but I have a feeling it’s for some other reason.

“I needed to make sure that you guys won’t mess up so I left post-it notes on a couple of folders,” she said and I hear the eggs hiss.

“When are you going to be confident about my skills with the store?” I asked her and notice her shoulders relax.

“When you turn eighteen,” she replied and again we laugh.

“Morning, girls,” mother said from the doorway.

“Morning,” we said together.

“Your sister will not be joining us for breakfast,” mother announced. “Something about how she didn’t finish summer reading for English class and she needs to get on it.”

“She got two weeks before school starts,” Marcella said.

“Yes, her birthday, August 23, is only a couple of days before school starts,” mother agreed.

“What are you so shocked about, sis?” I asked her. “I think Melina is learning to be like you.”

She scowls at me.

“Girls, don’t argue,” mother snapped. “I think that it’s great that Melina is taking initiative, but at very least, she can still have breakfast.”

“I’ll go see if I can talk to her,” I volunteered. “Cella wanted me to check on her anyway.”

“Breakfast won’t be long but don’t worry I can keep it hot for you,” Marcella says giving me a knowing wink before turning back to the pan.

I thought best to try her room again, but the smell of roses drifted from the bathroom stopping me in my tracks and I followed knocking on the door.

“I’m in the bath.” Melina called from inside.

“Can I come in? I don’t want to talk through the door or our mind-link,” I said with my hand on the door handle.

“Okay then.”

I smile and open the door. Melina was covered with sweet smelling bubbles, in one hand holding her English reading book and in the other a cup of what seemed to be coffee. “I see you’re all set up.”

The book moves away from Melina, revealing a bored expression. “Needed a safe escape and thought I best flick through this book.”

I sit on the toilet lid and take the cup of coffee that Melina offered. “Think I’m going to need this.”

“How so?” Melina asked, dropping the book to the floor and then laughs seeing my scrunched my face. “It’s a little strong.”

I rinsed my mouth with water not enjoying the taste of the sugarless strong coffee. “Understatement, why is it soo strong?”

She didn’t answer.

I turn back around and watch as she plays with the soap bubbles.

“Don’t tell Marcella that I told you but-” I stuck in a breath hoping that Marcella wouldn’t cast spiders in my bed. “We were only talking about your birthday last night. That’s all! We didn’t want you overhearing anything and didn’t want to spoil it for you that’s why we spelled the door as a warning for us. Please don’t be mad or think that we are keeping secrets from you.” I finished in a mad rush.

Melina blinked and thought over my babble for a moment. “Then what was Jupiter doing here and why did he have to leave?”

I bite my lip wondering how I could tell her without lying to her. “It’s birthday celebration secret.”

“Oh fine okay.” Melina dunks her head under the bubbly water and I stand moving near the bathtub.


Melina suddenly shoots up from the water making me jump back catching my breath. I turn away as Melina grabs her towel. “Did you have to do that?”

Melina laughs. “Come on, little sis I smell breakfast.”

“Are we okay, now?” I asked.

“We always are, its just that there is so much going on in our lives lately and every once in a while we all need our escape.”

“Just as long as we you come back.” I hug Melina and leave her to get dressed.

My stomach growls loudly making everyone's head turn in the kitchen. “Morning.”

“The orange juice is cool and the plate is hot,” Marcella placed my plate down and another plate was placed as Melina walks into the kitchen.

“Morning Melina,” Dad said warmly.

“Morning, thank you, Marcella,” Melina said keeping her eyes on Marcella for a moment longer.

Marcella flexed her shoulders and I saw the slight pain in her eyes. “You’re welcome, now eat.”

“Is everything okay, Cella?” I questioned.

“Late night that’s all.” Marcella yawns, rubbing her eyes.

My stomach was grateful then as we all tucked into our breakfast. I couldn’t help but notice dad as he kept casting looks down the table to Marcella.

 Mum stood once everyone was finished, then the sound of glass smashing and clang of cutlery falling was heard as the doorbell echoed.

“Oh scales! I’m sorry!” Marcella shot up. “The door.”

“Snap,” Melina said breathlessly.

I looked at each of my sisters confused and wondering what was going on with them both. 

The End

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