Melina's 2:00 AM wake-up call


I barricade myself in my room with a lock spell and fall onto my bed after dropping my gifts from Uncle Rex  onto a chair.

My mind is too worked up to focus on meditation and I think tonight will be a first for me, a first to fail at it. Madelyn did not leave Marcella’s room right away. They probably talked about my stupidity and no wonder for my jumping off Ignetia was really dumb.

“How are you, my beautiful princess?” Jupiter asked, making me sit up like a lightning bolt.

I scowl. “Don’t play games with me, tonight.”

“You’re annoyed that I have been leaving without saying hello,” Jupiter said.

“Yes, I’m annoyed. I don’t know why you’re doing it. I would think a man like you would want to actually see your… umm your fiance,” I stuttered at the end.

“Of course, I do,” Jupiter said and sat down next to me on my bed. “I just thought that it would been awkward for you to be in the same room as me and your parents. It’s no secret that you’ve fought with your mother about the engagement. My mother told me all about it.”

I cringe my nose. “Your mother may be queen of the fae, but it doesn’t give her a right to spy on me.”

He shrugs. “No one tells her what to do.” Then he motions towards the gifts. “From whom and for what?”

“From Uncle Rex for my birthday since he’s not going to be around,” I replied and pull up my legs so my chin can rest on my knees.

“You excited about your birthday?” He asked.

“Not really,” I replied. “I don’t feel very festive.”

“Too much festivities at Uncle Rex’s?” He teased.

I tilt my head. “Just too many things, period.”

“I get you,” he agreed. “You want me to stick around next time, I pop in?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, truthfully.

He smiles, gets up, walks around the bed, and lies down with his head hitting my pillow. “Come here, you need sleep.”

“And, what if I don’t?” I asked.

He snaps his fingers. My body rises and levitates over to him. My head rests in the crook of his shoulder and I scowl.

“That’s not playing fair,” I pouted.

He laughs. “Enjoy your sleep.”

I feel my eyelids getting heavy and sleep consumes me.


I wake up to my phone ringing and no Jupiter in sight.

“Hello?” I croaked.

“Blessed be, sister,” a girl’s voice said into my ear.

“Blessed be,” I replied, racking my brain for recognition.

“Bridget,” the girl said. “I was your waitress in San Diego, about a week ago.”

“Oh, right,” I said fast. “Sorry, you woke me up.” I then look at my clock to see that it’s past 2:00 AM.

“Sorry, to call this late,” she apologized. “I couldn’t sleep and did a tea leaves reading. The reading put me into a trance.”

“What happened?” I sit up, to be more comfortable.

“I was there at your uncle’s ball,” she replied. “I was going to talk with you and your sisters, but it seemed you three had one hell of a time.”

“Yes, it was interesting to say the least,” I told her.

“Anyway,” she continued. “Whatever happened to your younger sister, it’s not over. My vision showed me that it’s not over. You need to be ready for Callum to return or someone in his place.”

“Who’s the next target?” I asked.

“The one with the phoenix,” she replied.

I bite my lip. “How do I help her? The last time, I nearly died.”

“There’s someone  hidden in the shadows, watching her,” she replied. “Though, if Callum fails again with your sister, he will go after you, knowing full well that you can’t fight him. The vision showed me a book, hidden inside your room. I do not know who put it there, but it is no book of the witches. Find it and learn from it, it will make you stronger, however, tell no one, including your prince.”

The line goes dead.

Usually, witches cannot tell their own fortunes, but our world doesn’t stop others from looking in for us. Bridget did me a favor by telling me of Marcella’s and mine fortune.

The one hidden in the shadows… could it be that mysterious stranger that never showed up to the restaurant? Is he also the one leaving her flowers? Could he be good and not bad as I thought him to be?

Being, now, completely awake, I dive in, in search of the book. Hours of looking under my bed, in between the mattresses, inside pillows, in the closet, I finally find the book hidden under a floorboard by the window with the first rays of the sun.

The leather binding is beautiful with no title anywhere on the cover. I open the book to the first page and gasp.

Only the fae can read and learn

The End

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