Through the flames


It was a good question, for one I had no answer for. Instead I looked at Madelyn seeing the concern and her longing to go after Melina.

“Time to meditate sister that will help clam our senses,” I say and pull her in for a hug. “Sleep well.”

“You too try not to worry,” Madelyn returned my hug squeezing me tightly.

I pulled back, “that’s my line.”

“I know, I had a good teacher, goodnight,” Madelyn light appearance leaves my room.

My clam state of mind had vanished and all that was left was nagging thoughts. Melina troubles were the most concerning, not that I would tell her so, more than ever I wanted her mind settled and balanced.

“I went flying with Ignetia and didn’t stay safe. If it wasn’t for Taz, I wouldn’t be here now.”

I gasped as the realization of the situation hit me in the face. A stinging sensation covered my skin but I ignored it and flicked my wrists for my candles that were scatted around my room to light; I closed my eyes feeling only a sliver of my magic expand and demanded more to help my mind to focus.

I left my room feeling that each of my sisters was deep into their meditation, I past uncle Rex’s in the spare room hearing his snores as I descend down the stairs taking a drape.

The air was cool as I stepped outside, I casted a quick sensory spell to see that it was safe and pushed the old wooden fence open to our small yard. I crouched near the round fire pit that was filled with coal and rotated my wrist over the coal moving back as the flames flared to life. I dropped the drape to the ground and drowning myself within the flames.

“What a fine mess you got yourself into,” Zafrina criticizing tone made me jump and I pulled my knees up curling my arms around them.

“Please don’t Zafrina.” I say aware of her presence by my side.

“I’m not talking about Melina troubles, did you not feel anything?”

Puzzled I faced her and saw her move her head to my arm.

“It’s nothing Zafina,” I say as I examine my red scratched skin.

“Marcella I worry that you are taking too much on,” Zafina spoke softly resting her head on my arms. I stroked her as I watched the flames in our dome of magic, her essences was soothing and felt my magic wrap around me healing.

Zafrina snapped up standing in front of me her wings drawn out to shield me, I pulled out of the meditation too alert now to know Zafrina reaction.

“Where,” I said in a whispered breath and keeping my body casual.

I watched her head move slightly and with caution I moved my eyes. On a nearby roof I followed the movements of my intruder as they walked away into the building.

I gasped and trying to remain calm. Afraid of exposing myself I stood casually, going to the outside water tap and filling up a nearby bucket. My eyes moved over every building, Zafrina still stood watching for anything out of place and I carefully doused the flames creating smoke to which I added for cover as I went back inside locking the door with a spell. All the while my heart was beating fast; I went into the kitchen pouring myself a glass of water and sighed leaning against the fridge feeling its coolness.

Opening my eyes I saw Nova, my father white fox familiar sitting looking up at me with her cobalt blue eyes. “What’s got you in a flutter?”

“I think a car burnt its ties out whiles I was meditating, the sound spooked me that’s all Nova.” I said keeping my voice natural.

Nova flicked her hears not missing a beat and seeing the gaps of what I said. “It’s getting late Marcella.”

I watched as she toddles off not saying anything more on the matter. I left the kitchen to my room taking a bar of chocolate feeling the need and remembered Paige’s email that I needed to check out.

Stripping my clothes I put them to wash smelling the smoke and put my checked bottoms and top. Firing my computer up I thought of the intruder hoping that I didn’t draw too much attention to myself.

The email was long, others were also piling up and I was happy to busy myself by working on something that I knew I could solve. Zafrina remained present as I curled up in my chair with my fingers flying over the keys stopping every so often to pick up a piece of chocolate. I clicked on my last send button and switch off the computer noticing the late hour.

Untangling my legs I ventured to the bathroom and saw that uncle Rex’s door was open I went inside seeing an envelope on the bed address to me. Yawning I took the letter to my room, opening it and my already fired brain couldn’t work out the message inside.

‘429 stones

Scent of knowledge

Guard watches the towers

3 strikes and you’re out’

The End

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