Who is our sister?


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

Marcella’s face was a picture as she came into the room; even now as she was changing I felt the bubble of giggles arise. Jupiter was looking at family photos on Marcella’s shelves, he’s back was too me so I couldn’t see his face.

“Jupiter, what are you doing here?” I ask bluntly unable to wait.

“Madelyn, don’t be so rude.” Marcella came back into her room pulling her hair up.

Jupiter turned and shrugged, “no bother. I simply came to discuss Melina’s birthday and wondered if you had anything planned already.”

“Wow, we were only just talking about this earlier.” I said crossing my legs on Marcella’s bed.

“Brilliant, so we’re all on the same page then, did you come up with anything?” Jupiter asked his eyes shining bright.

Marcella gestured for Jupiter to seat on her chair, “no, we never got the chance and we’re best to hurry now. No binding spell will keep Melina at bay for long.”

Jupiter smiled speaking fondly, “how true your words are Marcella.”

“The Italian!” I said after a moment of playing with my hair.

“Pardon?” Marcella questioned.

“Sweet Madelyn, I am sure that I am enough for Melina.” Jupiter smirked, making Marcella narrow her eyes at him…it was rather funny watching Jupiter compose his face. “Sorry do explain Madelyn.”

“Melina loves going to ‘ Bella Mangiata Ristorante Italiano’ restaurant. Why don’t we go there?”

“That’s a great idea with mum and dad too?” Marcella thought as she looked at Jupiter.

“Well, you could have a family birthday meal with her and later I thought I could spend some time with her?” Jupiter suggested. “Ariel Lake is beautiful at twilight.”

“Sounds good and maybe we could do something in the morning with Melina?” I said feeling excited now.

“I think we should run the idea past mum and dad first, they haven’t met you properly yet, Jupiter.” Marcella’s voice of reason taking charge. “I don’t know how they will feel about you whisking her off to your home again.”

“Marcella, I have already met your parents, granted I need more time to share with them that I truly care deeply about their daughter.” Jupiter stood casually and making points. “Also, Melina is at this very minute making peace with your mother, this family meal will simply help improve on this. I will ask your parents if I can spend some time alone with your sister and have her back before bedtime.”

“But what-”

“And is that the time I must be leaving.”


“Goodnight ladies I will be in touch.” And with a smile Jupiter disappeared leaving us both stunned.

But not for long as Melina footsteps could be heard and then her voice outside of the door.  “Cella! You better open this door this instant!”

“Spiders!” I cursed. “How in the heavens does he know when to disappear?”

Marcella glared at me before the binding spell disperses and Melina walks in, her anger glowing brightly behind her green eyes. She sniffs the air and folds her arms.

“Melina, you can take a shower now,” Cella said.

Vines grow from under Melina. That happens when she’s mad.

“I left you a lot hot water,” Cella tried again.

“Are you two dense?” Melina asked.

Dread fills me. She’d never talked like that before.

“Melina?” I asked carefully.

“This is a second time where you have conversed with Jupiter behind my back,” Melina’s voice sounded like poisonous snake. To back up her anger, her favorite poisonous plants sprang up around her.

“What are you talking about, Melina?” I asked as I scooted away from the uncontrollable plants.

Cella shakes her head. “Little Sis, you forget Melina’s power. She senses anyone with earth powers and Jupiter, being a fairy, is easy to smell even after he’s left.”

“So, what did he want both times?” Melina asked.

I looked at Cella. She can be the bad guy.

“He just wanted to meet your family properly,” Cella replied.

“He met you two at Uncle Rex’s. He didn’t need to be here moments ago. And, he didn’t need to leave,” Melina snapped. “My parents know the queen and they know Jupiter. I’m not falling for this.”

“Then tell us what happened with Jupiter?” Cella folded her arms and burned away Melina’s plants. “Sorry sis, but you’re not turning my room into a jungle.”

Melina lowered her gaze. “You want to know what happened?”

Both of us nod.

“I went flying with Ignetia and didn’t stay safe. If it wasn’t for Taz, I wouldn’t be here now. Jupiter found the potion and drank it, making me ask him then and there. Do you know how it feels? To be in that position? To watch him drink that potion and ask the stupid dreaded questions! No one knows!” Melina whispered.

I have a feeling that she didn’t yell because she didn’t want our parents to overhear.

“You tried to kill yourself?” Cella asked after I felt another privacy spell fall over the door.

I looked at her shocked and then at Melina. Melina is smart, she would never do something that stupid.

“I don’t know what I tried to do,” Melina replied. “All I know is that Jupiter’s feelings for me are real and I should be happy, but instead I’m mad.”

“Melina -” I started.

She shook her head. “Do whatever you want. Talk to Jupiter when you want. If he doesn’t want to see me, I’m fine with it. He’ll tell me in time about what’s going on. I have to trust him, right?” She pauses with tears running down her face. “Right?”

Cella makes a move towards Melina but Melina grows vines to stop her.

“I’m going to meditate and then go to bed. Uncle Rex is leaving in the morning if you two want to say goodbye,” Melina said.

Cella nods and the spell breaks down. Melina leaves the room and I look at Cella.

“I’m confused. What just happened?” I asked.

The End

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