Cheshire cat with mulberry jam sandwiches


As if answering a silent prayer the phone rang breaking the thick tension that covered the dinner table. I took my last bite of chilli and stood to receive the welcome caller. I picked the phone and smiled hearing my friend bubbly panic voice.

“May I speak with Marcella please?”

“Hello Paige,” I greet.

“Marcella! I need your help with the new student events and the paperwork only just came through to the committee.” Paige throws at me and I can picture her flapping around her room.

“Paige, take a breath and I’ll come round toni-

I look up and see my mother’s pointed look.

“I can’t come tonight due to family commitments but I will come tomorrow,” then I see my mother’s eyebrow rise. “Afternoon, I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

“Thank you! I’ll make a plan of what needs doing and email you later.” Paige sounds calmer now she knows what to do.

“I better be going now, bye Paige.” I say.

“Bye have a enjoy family time.” I grin from stopping my eyes rolling knowing that my mother was watching my every move. Her arms were crossed as she walked into lounge; I followed her silent message and closed the door. 

“You said you would protect them,” mother starts. “You allowed this boy to take advantage of Madelyn without diving further into him. Have I not taught you enough?!” She snaps. 

I finch at her words, I was already blaming myself for that mistake. “I did. Madelyn was able to communicate with us before anything happened.” Unlike Melina when she disappeared with the fairy queen. 

“There's something else I can sense it,” I felt her power touch me and I allowed her see what happened. “You were lucky.” I didn't feel it from her tone of voice. 

“Why have you never said anything about the fairy queen before?” I ventured. 

“Don't change the subject,” mother spoke quickly. “Marcella you are the oldest of your sisters.” 

“Don’t you think I know that,” I retort and seeing the surprise glimmer in my mother’s eyes.

“Then what happened? You allowed your sisters to go off on their own, a city that they didn’t know and where anything could of happened. Melina disappeared and you didn’t even know about it.”

I could feel it burning and I snapped my head to meet my mother’s stone face.

“That wasn’t my fault; surely you know what the fairy queen is like! I can’t match her power when she adapts the scenery and pulls someone into her web.”

“But what about Madelyn did you have tabs on her all afternoon?” She countered, not affected by outburst.

My mouth opened and closed before answering, “I… she was in no danger.”

“Only she was. That snake wrapped her around his fingers and stuck his fangs into her.” Bitterness laced my mother’s words, I kept my shoulders straight. “All while you was dress shopping.”

“You’ve told us that our powers will grow with us, your forgetting that we will grow and make our own choices.” I was trying to keep calm with the burning following around my body. “Why have you never allowed us to learn attacking spells?”

I watch as she shakes her head and turning away from me, “I have taught you.”

“No only basic learner protection spells with our elements, I created a fireball to distract Callum but I could have done more. We need to be able to protect ourselves.”

“Our magic is used for good Marcella you know this.” She replied simply.

“Then are you justify what Callum did was for the greater good, stealing our powers?” I snap back remembering the incident in the attic. “I have heard of-

“We are done here Marcella, leave now and I won’t tell your father of how you have spoken out of term.”

I gasp fidgeting with my hands and turn away. “Will you lighten up on Melina? This is not her fault.”

I hear the slight wobble in my mother’s voice, “please leave Marcella.”

Leaving my mother to her thoughts I close the wooden door and let out a shaking breath. It was unlike me to speak that way, even when I was younger I wouldn’t dare and feeling the burning sensation was strong. Moving my hand from the door I gasped seeing the smoke leave the grey hand print.

I go and take a shower allowing myself time to cool off, my wild hair roaming freely as I smoother it with shampoo and rubbing my hands into my temple feeling my head start to throb. I wrap my hair up in a towel, cover my body with my dressing gown and walk across the short corridor to my room.

I stop and blink in surprise when I see Madelyn sitting comfortably on my bed and Jupiter flipping through an astronomy book, taken from my bookshelf, no doubt. 

Jupiter grinned like the Cheshire cat, “Earthling certainly came up with the strangest of methods.”

‘What in dust bunnies is he doing here?’ I ask Madelyn making sure my dressing gown was tightly bounded.

'He didn’t give me chance to protest.’

Unawares of our exchange Jupiter laughs, “Most Volcanoes Erupt Mulberry Jam Sandwiches Under Neptune. If that was true my mother would send Lazuli to collect the mulberry jam for her afternoon tea.”

Madelyn looks confused then I see her lips move and the recognition settle in her sea blue eyes.

“Not to be rude Jupiter but you really pick your moment,” I say and he finally draws his attention away from my astronomy book.

“Why don’t Madelyn and I fix a binding spell so Melina won’t know about my being here whiles you get changed?” Jupiter places my book on the desk which makes me cringe inside knowing it belongs on the bookshelf.

“Where is Melina?” I ask removing my towel and drying my hair.

“Helping uncle Rex to pack,” Madelyn replied with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I go into my small closet grabbing my nearest pieces of clothing and hoped that mother and father would accept Melina decision. 

The End

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