Everyone popping up like daisy's


By Fitzy and GardeniasCastle

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t know how to introduce Ryan to my parents. Friend? Saviour? Boyfriend? Uncle Rex had already told them about Ryan but I didn’t know how much he had said to them. We walked up stairs still holding hands, I glanced a look and saw that Ryan was calm wearing a smile on his face.

“Stop worrying,” he says shaking our hands.

“I’m not,” I reply my voice sounding high which was my misgiving.

The door was open when we approached; I edged my feet over the entrance and felt Ryan hand on my lower back guiding us into the room.

“Hello I’m Yuri,” my father stood and held his hand out for Ryan to take.

“Hello nice to meet you both, I’m Ryan Madelyn’s boyfriend.”

I tried not to show my shock by his announcement and felt all giddy feeling a huge smile stretch across my face.

“It’s wonderful to finally meet you Ryan, my name is Camilla,” my mother greeted Ryan taking his hand briefly closing her eyes before smiling herself and gestured to the sofa. “Please sit, would you like some lemonade?”

“Please thank you,” Ryan said politely and sat taking my hand again in his.

Mother pours lemonade into two glasses and placed them onto the coffee table.

“Rex tells us that you were bidding high on Madelyn.” Dad breaks the ice first eyeing Ryan with interest.

“That’s correct, I noticed Madelyn when I arrived and then I saw her standing on the stage and thought why not take my chances.” Ryan took slip of lemonade, “she was also the only girl that stood out for me.”

“But you didn’t win is that correct?” Dad asked.

“Sadly yes I was out bided by scumbag that caused some trouble for Madelyn later that night.” I tightened hand hoping that Ryan would take the hint but it was too late as my parents inquisitive eyes turned to my own.

 “What trouble is this Madelyn?”

“It was nothing, no need to worry,” I say quickly avoiding their eyes.

“I wouldn’t call Callum attacking you and your sisters’ nothing-

“Madelyn!” Mother gasps.

“I certainly wouldn’t either, please tell us what happened Ryan,” father voice raises then he tilts his head. “Marcella care to join and tells us what happened with regards to Callum attacking your sisters?”

“Sacred spell books.'Marcella sighs in her head, Zafrina lands gracefully on her shoulder as Marcella stands in the middle of the room.

Together we told our parents about Callum using me to gain our trust and his attempt to take my power.

“Marcella, could you not sense that badness in Callum?” Mother’s tone was disapproving.

“There was nothing he must have had a blocking spell around him,” Marcella said clearly annoyed with herself.

“Did you not think to dig harder?” Father snapped making us flinch.

“It’s not her fault dad its mine, I was with Callum please don’t take this out on Marcella.” I plead.

“Melina was hurt why didn’t you tell us?” Mother asked.

Marcella opened her mouth when an overpowering scent of the earth surrounded everyone and Jupiter appeared surprising us.

“Forgive my intrusion, but I was also present when this happened and may I just say that your daughters deserve credit for their part in defending themselves.” Jupiter tells our slightly stunned parents.

“Jupiter I presume?” Our father says knowingly.

“Pleasure to meet you sir,” Jupiter says and offers his hand.

After a moment father takes in hand and mother stands her silver blue eyes roaming over Jupiter.

“Hey man, this makes a change from our last meeting,” Ryan says casually.

“Last meeting?” Mother asks.

“We tackled Callum to the ground to distract him from grabbing this stone power thing.”

Our parents faces paled and we all turned to the door as uncle Rex came in with his arms full. “Time for my famous chili!”

I looked at Marcella feeling helpless as the scene unfolded around us. Then her head snapped up. “Melina’s coming.”

Jupiter smiles, “that’s my queue to leave.” 

Melina enters the room and sniffs the air. She looks around, when finds nothing, finds herself face to face with our mother.

Our mother walks around Melina in a circle, putting a scowl on my sister’s face.

“Do you mind?” Melina asks. “I only came upstairs to let you know that I locked up the store for lunch. Uncle Rex needs help with the chili so I’ll help out. Umm, mother can you stop that? It’s getting annoying.”

“Where are you hurt?” Mother asks. “We heard everything from Ryan and…”

“And us,” Marcella blurts out. “Sorry Melina, once Ryan started, I kind of finished it.”

Melina lowers her gaze at Marcella. Clearly she doesn’t believe the tale.

“I’m not hurt,” she says slowly. “Jupiter healed me, you know with fairy potion and all.”

“Fairy potion?” Ryan sounds confused and shocked at the same time.

“Jupiter is a fairy prince,” Melina says.

Ryan looks from me to Melina to Marcella.

“Rex, we need to talk to you,” our father’s anger comes out with each syllable.

“After dinner,” Uncle Rex shakes his head. “We have a guest and Melina and I already made the plan. Why don’t you all figure out where Ryan stays the night and future nights. Let’s go, Melina.”

Melina nods and follows Uncle Rex out.

The rest of us look to Ryan. I feel stupid. My boyfriend moved for me and I didn’t even think to ask how he would support himself.

He smiles at me before speaking. “My half-sister lives in Redwood City so after dinner, if you’ll have me, I’ll get a taxi and meet sis. She loves the idea of living with me; we haven’t been together since we were kids.”

“Wow, I didn’t know you have a half-sister,” I say in wonder.

“There’s still much to learn about me, water lily,” Ryan winks at me, making me feel embarrassed in front of my parents.

“I’m going to help Melina and Uncle Rex with dinner or we’ll never eat,” Marcella makes her way past me, squeezing my shoulder. ‘You’ll be fine. Don’t forget to talk about his magick.’

For the next hour, Ryan explains about his illusion magick and how it came to be. He explains how he learned about it but never known other illusionists. He explained his goals to do with our shop, about a private high school that his parents chose for him in Redwood City and how he would be allowed to drive a used Mazda when he would work for the shop.

Marcella is one to call us to dinner after the hour ends. When we walk into the dining room, the table is set; bread bowls on each plate and a big pot of steaming chili sits in the middle. There are a couple of green salad bowls with salad dressing bottles and pitchers of iced lemonade to cool the throat.

Everyone sits down. Melina and Uncle Rex disperse the chili into bread bowls and then Uncle Rex says a couple of words about his special secret recipe and what holds in store for all of us.

I take the first bite of his chili and feel that this is good for Ignetia but not for a water witch like me. I quickly drown my lemonade and decide to continue eating not to make things worse with Uncle Rex. This chili is good but it’s hot!!!

After getting comfortable enough to eat it, I realize the tension that has built over this short time space. Melina is eating with knuckles turning white with the fork slowly having vines grow out of it. Marcella heats up the chili more with her magick, right, stupid me; this is not nearly hot for her. Uncle Rex speaks with Ryan who looks uncomfortable about how my parents are glaring at Uncle Rex and no one really holds any conversations.

This is bad…

The End

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