Melina's Time at the Store


My mind and body are exhausted, I think to myself as I take the stairs to my room.

Those two readings took a lot out of me and for the second reading, there were even more ghosts. Uncle Rex’s serious gaze did not help the tension that built inside of me by the end of the second reading. The second girl was also a skeptic so I made her chair lift her off the ground for a little bit to scare her and for my amusement.

My fingers linger on the door handle longer than necessary.

 I should be happy for Madelyn. Her young man moved for her, to be with her. Just like Marcella, I think that Madelyn is too young to be in a serious relationship, but then again, he may stay romantic for a long time before moving onto the more serious bases with her. I am too young to be engaged, and to a prince.

I wish I was older, I think to myself as I open my door to reveal Ignetia talking with Taz. They stop talking.

“May I ask what you two are doing in my room?” I tap my foot.

“Thinking about your engagement party,” Taz says like it’s nothing.

“Excuse me?” I ask.

My mind feels on fire with this news. I look to my closet, notice a pair of tight jeans and a tight shirt. I snap my fingers; my dress disappears to be replaced by the jeans and the shirt.

“You have accepted his feelings,” Taz says. “It is a perfect time to be thinking about this.”

I sigh. “You two are ridiculous. I don’t even have time to think about him taking the potion, how I feel about him, or how everything is moving so fast.”

“It hasn’t moved in years,” Taz reminds me. “The last time you’ve seen him was with the bear. Don’t you think you need to stop torturing him?”

“Yeah right,” I growl. “Fairies don’t get tortured, they do the torturing. Now if you excuse me, I need to mind the store. Your conversation better end right here and now.”

I slam the door behind me.

~             ~             ~

“Ravenclaws,” Marcella growls as she watches the window. She is jumpy lately.

“Cella,” I come up to stand next to her.

“What?” She snaps and then apologizes seeing my hurt expression.

“Why don’t you check on Madelyn?” I ask. “I know you want to.”

Marcella bites her lip.

“I’ll finish up here and receive the order,” I reassure her.

When she doesn’t move, I push her towards the stairs.

“Fine!” She shouts. “Flashing comets! Where’s Uncle Rex by the way?”

“He went out shopping for food,” I reply. “He’s going to make his famous chili for tonight’s dinner. Now, shoo!”

 I watch her being a good older sister and turn around to look back at the purple display. I look at the mermaid clock for time. It is 1:45 PM, fifteen minutes before Mrs. Zelda will show up with the amulets.

 I quickly finish the display with five minutes left over when Stan, the most annoying customer on the planet walks in.

“Melina!” He smiles cheekily.

“Stan,” I grind my teeth. “How can I help you today?”

“I want to sign up for those private lessons,” he announces.

“Listen, Stan,” I start. “I will not be doing private lessons. School is starting at the end of this month and I just received a book list that I need to read for English class so not going to be lessons any time soon. Maybe, next summer.”

“Oh,” Stan looks defeated. “I guess next summer. I just got that list, too.”

“Thank you for understanding,” I smile at him.

The door opens behind him to reveral Mrs. Zelda in her favorite gypsy dress.

“Melina!” She exclaims. “You will love these amulets.”

“How was the walk to over here?” I ask as I take the large box out of her hands.

“Easy as usual, locals and tourists still think I’m a real gypsy and jump away,” she laughs.

“No kidding,” I reply and cut the box open after setting it down on the counter.

“What’s an amulet?” Stan addresses Mrs. Zelda.

“They are special charms,” Mrs. Zelda picks up the top amulet in the box and shows it to Stan. “For instance this one is for health. If you have family member or friend who is sick, this amulet would help the individual get better.”

“Wow!” Stan’s eyes go wide. “I just thought it was a pretty blue stone. Are there amulets for love?”

“Ah, of course,” Mrs. Zelda picks up a ‘gypsy’ accent. “Young love.” She picks up a red stone amulet. “This would do the trick.”

“I’ll take it!” Stan says happily. “How much?”

“Twenty-five dollars, brand new,” I try not to grind my teeth this time.

He hands me a twenty-five dollars, takes the amulet, waves and runs off.

Mrs. Zelda raises her eyebrow questionably before pulling out the document. “Sign here that you received the order and don’t you think you priced it too high? He looks like a smart young man.”

“More like annoying,” I sigh and sign her paper. “Thank you so much for this.”

She gives me a hug. “Everything will be alright Melina. You’ll see.”

“Thanks,” I hug her back and then watch her leave.

Uncle Rex walks in after she leaves, with full two paper bags of food. “You will love my chili.”

The End

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