Madelyn, a helping hand for Marcella


By GardeniasCastle and Fitzy

When I contacted Ryan about coming to San Diego, I was surprised to receive a text that he was already on his way. Hope in my mind screamed that he was on his way for me and not just learning from my family.

I am left watching the doorway while Marcella is still looking at the flower in her book. Melina’s back just disappeared. The pit of my stomach feels like it’s filled with frog juice.

Melina’s words felt like bites from a bat, I should know, I’ve been bitten enough when I was a kid. I was so excited that Marcella would meet her love, that all of our visions would come true that I did not think about how he knew about our house.

Marcella snaps the book shut, making me jump into the air.

“How’s Ryan?” Marcella casually switches the subject. It is evident she does not want to continue talking about the flower or protection spell.

“On his way,” I reply.

“Jumping crickets, he’s fast,” Marcella says, making me laugh.

“Yes, you will like his skills,” I nod. “Rough around the edges but I think he will be great help around the store.”

Marcella’s expression changes from tired to one of horror.

“The books! Oh, we need to check the books! I bet you anything that dad messed up on orders, and on book keeping!” Marcella shouts. She takes my hand and we run towards to the shop’s office.

“I don’t think dad could have messed up that badly during our absence!” I shout.

We enter the store and I watch two ghosts enter the tarot room.

I sigh. “Looks like ghosts still love our sister.”

“She is that good,” Marcella nods and we enter the office.

As usual papers are scattered everywhere. I whisper a spell organizing the sheets by categories. Marcella looks gratefully at me and starts looking at the first sheet from the left pile while I take the first sheet from the second.

“Burning Mandela,” Marcella exclaims. “Dad ordered too many amulets and not enough herbs! We would need to hold a sale!”

“Please calm down Cella together we will fix this, now when is the delivery due?” I ask hoping reassure my slightly pale face sister.

“This afternoon 2:00pm Mrs. Zelda is always on time, which gives us a few hours at least.” Marcella says and rolls up her shirt sleeves. “Right the smaller amulets we can sell together and then third off the higher priced ones.” Her fiery eyes scan the rest of the order form. “We can still make a good profit on the others necklaces always sell well.”

“What would you like me to do,” I ask before I hear the bell chime of the shop door.

“Keep an eye on the shop, have you any readings today?”

“None today, I’ll just go and see who that is,” I say knowing that it may be best to leave Marcella while she was getting organized. I pull back the curtain and see a boy from my year at school whose name I don’t know.

“Good morning, can I help you with anything?” I greet him cheerfully making the boy with short black hair look up from his baseball cap.

“Hi, I saw the dragon ornaments’ in the window and thought I’d try my luck inside.” The boy told me, “my little brother’s birthday this weekend and he loves dragons.”

Ignetia popped into my mind then and wished that this boy held the power of magic.

“Extraordinary and beautiful creatures, we only have a small collection but if you don’t see anything then I can order you a personal item.” I offer the boy and show him the shelves that filled with a range of dragon ornaments.

“Thank you,” the boy smiles and focuses his attention to finding his perfect gift.

I smile feeling happy and bounce to the stool behind the cash till. I was pondering about selling the amulet when it suddenly hit me like a lighten spell. “The window.”



Two voices appeared making me blink seeing Melina next to me in her card readings outfit and the boy holding a dragon ornament in his hand.

“We should put the amulets in the front window and that should help people see that they are on offer,” I tell Melina who was still looking confused and turned the boy. “Have you found one?”

“Yes, snowy white dragon I think this will please him,” the boy said and placed it on the desk. I picked dragon turning my back to wrap it safely but not before adding a few sparkles with my delicate fingers.

“I sure he will be very happy with and there is a piece of paper that goes with it explaining the dragon and other interesting information all wrapped together for you.” I had the boy his purchase and take his money. “Thank you and I’ll see you at school.”

“I thought I recognized you! Yeah sure and thanks again for your help, bye.” The boy waved with a smile on his face as he left.  

Marcella came into the store then with dad following her and made you wonder who the manger was and who the employee was.

“How were your readings today good to get back into it?”

“They didn’t believe anything until the end of the session, like most people but I think I can understand why they would think that. By the way what were you talking about?” Melina asked.

“Dad messed up on the ordering and we’ve got too many amulets being delivered so that means that Marcella over thinking everything,” I explain and watch Melina nod her head in acknowledge. “So the customer that came in gave me the idea and I thought that we could make a display in the front window advertising the amulets.”

“That should work and have you run I past the boss?” Melina joked inclining her head to Marcella. I giggled drawing attention to Marcella and dad as they brought their heads up.

“Madelyn solved you problem,” Melina says and I explain my idea to them.

“Brilliant I’m going in the office and I will leave you girls to it,” dad makes a quick escape smiling at me thankfully.

“I’m going to change my outfit first,” Melina hugs her arms together seeming unwilling to take her dress off.

“I’ll get us some drinks before we start on this,” Marcella sighs folding away her papers and putting it back in her notebook.

“Guess I will mind the shop then,” I say rest my chin in my hand as the bell chimes again.

“Oh greetings can I help you with anything today?” Melina says brightly.

“I’m afraid you can’t.” My head snapped up hearing his voice. “Only the girl with deepest sea blue eyes can help me now.”   

Unable to contain myself I flew off the stool and leaped into Ryan waiting arms. 

The End

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