I destroy each flower petal as I run.  Wanting to remove the sight of them from my memory. Breathing in the fresh morning drew to flush away their lingering sweet scent that was clogging up my nose. I pushed myself further, weaving between the early morning traffic of grey suites and colourful store carts. 

It was a far cry from the scenic coastline of San Diego, from the golden soft sand to lushes green grass as I enter the park. A side from the dog walkers it was peaceful, feeling my chest burn I slowed to catch my breath by the fountain that was the centre piece of the park. I stopped soaking up the cool spray and turned my music off allowing my ears to venture freely. 

 Who could it be?

 My heart knew who it was even if my head refused to acknowledge the sender. It would bring questions with unknown answers and something more that I wasn't sure I wanted. 

 Do I want to know?

 Breathing in deeply I recall burning the bouquet of white flowers and watching as the smoke drifted up in the midnight starry sky. 

 My hand hovered over my wrist; I quickly turned my watch seeing the time and decided it was best to forget flowers with their sweet scent. 

~   ~   ~

 Smelling breakfast as I hurdle my way up the stairs I pulled my t-shirt off and grabbing the nearest shirt to throw over my running shorts I made it to breakfast on time. 

Breakfast conversation flows with Melina return and our family's shop. Ah yes I wonder what has been moved in my absent, I ponder the thought of having to check the stock and reach for some peaches when uncle Rex draws everyone's attention to me. 

 “You smell like flowers,” Uncle Rex says.

Sugar fairies

Uncle Rex probes me further and I know that I've lost this battle of wills. I tell the facts of last night event and when my mother blossoming face asks where they are I simply say that I got rid of them then keep my attention on my breakfast. 

Thankfully breakfast passes normally with Melina leaving the table and Madelyn filling our parents in on Ryan. They took it reasonable well considering their reaction to Jupiter, they wanted to meet him soon as possible and Madelyn was happy that it went so well bounding off to her room to contact Ryan.

“Well this has been an enlightening breakfast Jaya, Marcella and I will do the dishes,” uncle Rex stands pulling my mother’s chair out. “That was beautiful.”

“Thank you Rex, I’m glad you enjoyed it and Melina has a appointment in 30 minutes.” Mum finishes off her orange juice, “Marcella once you are done will you help your dad with the order forms?”

 “Sure I want to check on the stock,” I reply as I gather the plates.

“Everything is in order,” dad piped up from reading his dusty worn book.

I shared a worrying look with mum and she held her hands up leaving the room. The last time I left the shop for a few days due to a school trip I nearly had a disorganised melt down on my return and it took hours to put everything back in its correct spot.

I heat up the water with my hands as I shake my hands allowing the bubbles to double in size within the sink.

“I best wash the dishes as you know where everything goes,” uncle Rex says sheepishly putting on mum’s pink gloves.

I smile unable to keep the amusement of my face, “very fetching uncle Rex.”

“Do they suit me?” He asks as he starts to wash the cups.

“Of course however, they may clash with your bright red dressing robe.” I comment taking the cup from his pink gloved hand. Uncle Rex laughs and asks me about going back to college in a few weeks time, my course, my friends and if there were any magical beings.

“Our careers advisor could be a goblin, given the fact that he doesn’t seem to care about our concerns only his pay check.” I inform uncle Rex folding up the dish cloth. “No I think I would have sensed it by now, see what the new term brings I guess.”

“Right I best go and see if Melina is ready for her tarot card reading.” Uncle Rex leaves as I thank him for helping me.

I sigh making my way to my room to pick up my notebook and nearly jumping as I stare at my sisters inquisitive faces. “Can I help?”

 “You seemed to have missed out something from your tale of the flowers,” Melina declares.

“Did you really destroy each flower?” Madelyn asks her eyes searching my face.

“Of course,” I say pulling my hair band from my tangle of curls to redo my hair.

“Interesting,” Melina steps into my room pointing her hand over my desk, “as I can smell that sweet Jasmine scent very strongly over here.”






The End

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