The return to normality


By Fitzy and GardeniasCastle

Staring into my full length mirror my mind was consumed with the dream of the stranger that I danced with. Only now I saw Ryan’s face. With Ryan’s strong hand around my waist and taking hold of my delicate fingerless gloved hand. His warm breath touching my skin as he moved those tender lips close to mine and dancing on the moonlit balcony.

 I sigh feeling my heart beat in my chest remembering those words to me.

Pascale appears curled up behind me. I lean back against her stone white coat and feel my eyelids drift down.

In my sleepy form I hear my door open and the sound of footsteps echo along the wooden floor in which I lay. I open one eye and see Marcella pulling the covers back of my single bed.

“Cella,” I murmur and she knees down wrapping me up in her arms.

“You would find the least comfortable place to sleep,” Marcella whispers as she places me into bed and rearranges the blanket.

“Is Melina back?” I ask as my body relaxes into the soft bed.

I watch her worried gaze leave my eyes, I see the red scratch mark on her collarbone before she pulls her dressing robe closer to her body. “She is with Jupiter, seeing how worried I was, Zafrina went out searching for her and was approached by Jupiter’s familiar.”

I sat up a little in shock, “Jupiter has a familiar?”

“It would appear so,” she replied as she rubbed her temples. “Melina fell asleep and I’m not surprised after today. She will be back in the morning.”

“I wonder if she will use the potion,” I thought out loud turning on my side.

“Melina will do the right thing,” Marcella brushes my raven strands away from my face. “Goodnight sister.”

~    ~       ~

I awake with a thud as I feel my wooden floorboards. I had forgotten how small my bed is in comparison to the queen size one in uncle Rex’s guest rooms. I rub my sleepy eyes and make my way towards the bathroom only to see Marcella in her running clothes waiting outside.

“Morning,” I say and lean against the wall.


“Morning, I miss our own bathrooms,” Marcella replies as she stretches her long limbs.

“Who’s in there?” I ask as I hear gurgling sound from inside.

“Uncle Rex, I need to go for a run.”

The bathroom door opens revealing uncle Rex wearing bright red silk Japanese robe out with a towel around his neck. I gasp my hand to my mouth willing myself not to laugh and see that Marcella eyebrows are raised.

“Good morning girls,” uncle Rex say casually as he walks past going into the guest room.

“I think I need to wipe that image from my head,” I giggle but notice that Marcella has claimed the bathroom. I miss the mansion.

I didn’t have to wait long as Marcella darted out from the bathroom to go on her run; I turned the shower on allowing the water to warm as I brushed my teeth and went about my business.  

~    ~       ~

When I came downstairs, Marcella rushed into the dining room.

“Am I late?” She asks.

“Why would you be late?” My mother asks, surprise written all over her facial expression.

“Because Uncle Rex trained us to be in time for a family gathering at the table,” Melina says walking up from behind Marcella.

“Melina!” I shout as I walk fast to give her a hug.

She hugs back and laughs. “Loving the love, sister, but I wasn’t gone for a months you know.”

“Felt like forever, though.” I smile back. ‘Are you feeling better?’

‘No, just calmer if that makes sense. Jupiter’s panther is a soft pillow,’ Melina replies inside Cella’s and my mind.

‘A panther!’ I exclaim inside our minds and I see out of the corner of my eye, Cella jumping.

‘No yelling inside our minds, Madelyn. It hurts,’ she scolds me and I scratch my head in embarrassment.

“Girls, let us sit and enjoy our breakfast, we can talk later,” Melina sounds just like Marcella.

We take our seats and I look at the table. Mother really went to town with breakfast. I think because of guilt towards Melina and Uncle Rex being here. We haven’t had this type of breakfast since we found out we were moving from Salem to San Mateo.

Father starts conversing with Uncle Rex about how he slept, about plans for the day, and of course about how his daughter is doing. Uncle Rex says that he would like to see who comes to our store, see Melina’s tarot reading to a customer, and that his daughter regrets not using her blood gifts as a witch since learning about how her mother is a ghost.

I pitched in that I am no longer afraid of ghosts and then talked about the magickal mermaids. My parents were both surprised about my lack of fear of ghosts and that we met mermaids. Uncle Rex explained how his magickal circle is quiet large.

Marcella reached over to take some peaches for her pancakes when Uncle Rex’s expression changes. They are sitting next to each other.

“You smell like flowers,” Uncle Rex says.

“New fragrance,” Marcella replies fast.

“No, this scent is of new flowers,” Uncle Rex says.

“I received flowers last night,” Marcella gives.

“What?” Melina for the first time speaks at the table.

All eyes were set on Marcella, “I heard chime of the front door and I went to investigate. Only there was no one to be seen.” I could see the wonder behind her autumn eyes. “But then I notice bouquet of white flowers in pale blue wrapping that was tied together with a sliver bow.”

“Where are they now?” Mother questions a smile blossoming on her face.

“I got rid of them.” Marcella shrugs and avoids anymore questions by tucking into her breakfast.

“May I be excused?” Melina asks after Marcella is done.

“No,” our parents say.

“Yes,” Uncle Rex glares at them.

Melina leaves as rest of us finish our breakfast.


The End

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