Melina's first flight


The moment I step out of the house, I want to yell to let out all of my frustration. I didn’t think my parents knew about the queen’s plans, but then again, I shouldn’t have thought that way. The fairy queen gets everything she wants at the end.

I blink, before me is no longer a street but an infinite amount of floating islands. Ignetia jumps off my shoulders and changes her size. I step back in surprise. Ignetia grows to be bigger than a bear.

“H… how?” I ask.

“You are in my world now. I thought it could benefit you to go flying with me. Climb on top and I will help you find your mind,” Ignetia says as she turns around, revealing her back to me.

I look from her to the islands and to the blue-purple skies. A shiver runs down my spine. I am scared.

“Do not fear this, you are with me, trust me,” Ignetia says again.

I step closer and then take a leap of faith as I get onto her back. Her scales are soft, not painful.

“Hold on to my neck,” Ignetia warns me.

I grip her neck just in time for Ignetia leaves the ground and dived down making me shriek.

“Ah!” I continue shouting.

Ignetia just laughs and zooms in between the islands. It takes me minutes to get used to the feeling of a lurking death beneath me, but I ignore that, too because all of my thoughts have evaporated.

I do not know the time here, I do not feel it like I do on earth. All I feel is the cold air that after a while turns hot. All I feel is the caress of the leaves when we pass under them on different islands. Thoughts which lurked in the deepest corners of my mind arise as Ignetia continues flying with no stopping in sight. Thoughts about what is the boundary of this world? What is at the very bottom of this world?

I think my thoughts must have reached Ignetia because she jerks and looks back at me. I smile and wave before taking back my hands from her neck, sliding off her body and falling to the unknown.

“MELINA!” Ignetia shouts out in fear and dives after me. I fall faster than her flight. Everything rushes to my head; burning pain of a migraine consumes me. Falling is painful, who knew?

Everything is a blur so I close my eyes.

Suddenly, my body hits something moving and I end up rolling off soft material onto the hard ground. I let out a gasp of pain as I try to sit up. A second later, Ignetia lands next to me and starts lecturing me on my stupidity.

“All I wanted was to see where this land ends. I knew you would save me,” I tell her.

“I don’t believe you!” Ignetia growls. “I am your familiar; I know your deepest thoughts.”

I feel shame and look around for my savior. When my eyes land on a black panther, I laugh nervously.

“There are panthers here,” I continue laughing. “Totally random.”

“This is dragon world, he doesn’t belong here,” Ignetia says.

I get up on my shaking legs. “Thank you for saving me, but how did you get here?”

“He’s mine,” a familiar voice says from behind me. I twirl on my legs to face Jupiter.

“How… how did you get here?” I ask.

He raises an eyebrow questionably. “I am a fairy, I can travel to many worlds.”

I blush, feeling stupid. I look down to see the panther sit down by my leg. I pet him. “Thank you for saving me.”

“No problem,” his gruff voice surprises me.

“What’s your name?” I ask.

“Taz,” the panther replies.

“Melina,” I smile and scratch him behind his ear.

“Now that the introductions are over, mind telling me why you tried to kill yourself,” Jupiter’s angry tone makes me look at him.

“I didn’t try to kill myself,” I reply, weakly. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“Yes, you do,” Jupiter says. His alluring gaze does not help my embarrassed self.

“Everything feels to be too much,” I whisper, weakly. “Meeting ghosts, doing forbidden spells, meeting you, learning that my parents knew my entire life about your mother’s plans for us, Marcella’s stupid admirer who never showed up, Madelyn’s new love, being attacked, finding out I have fairy blood thanks to your mother!”

By the time I finish my short monologue, I am screaming. “I am only sixteen! I am supposed to be doing tarot readings, playing violin, and being a teenager!”

Jupiter steps closer to me and his fingers brush my cheek. “You are not a normal teenager. Your life is magickal, but you can’t forget that no one can make you do the things that you do not want to do. If you do not want to be with me, just say so. I will step away from your green eyes and royal hair. I will not touch your soft skin or think about the way you taste. I will leave you alone so you could live the way you want to.”

Hot tears escape down my cheeks. “I never said that I don’t want to be with you. It’s just everything is too much.”

Jupiter pulls me into him and lets me cry.

The End

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