Jasmine petals


“Please don’t be mad,” Melina spoke keeping her eyes focus on our parents. Feeling worried I couldn’t help but scratch my neck as I waited for Melina to elaborate.

“We were out shopping for our dresses I ended up in the fairy kingdom.” I saw as mum grasped dad’s hand. “I met with the fairy queen and she gave me a dress, but in exchange she wanted me to meet with her son.  She also told me that…her son and I were betrothed.” Melina told them in a steady tone of voice.

“And did he come forward and show himself?” Dad asked.

“Yes, although keeping it a mystery until the ball where he finally showed himself and raised a lot of money in order to win me.” Melina smiled not doubt remembering the event and the events that followed after.

Mum closed her eyes briefly and sighed. “Are his feelings true for you?”

‘Remember don’t mention the potion,’ I warn my sisters knowing that our parents would not like us dealing potions such as that.

“In the short time that we have each I know that he cares deeply for me and after what he told me of our shared past how I could not care for him in return.” Ignetia appeared in Melina arms. Melina strokes her scales with her eyes glazed over.

“It’s a start, every relationship grows with time” uncle Rex stretched out his legs out and covered up a yawn from his mouth.

“I didn’t think it would be this soon,” dad said quietly.

“Dad surely you knew that we would all find someone to love, it’s tradition after all and yes it’s soon for Melina but”-

“Marcella you needn’t defend your sister,” Mum cut me off my speech. She looked at dad as they nodded to each other. “You see we knew of the fairly queen plans to marry her son to Melina.”

My hand freezes on my neck as her sentence sinks in. Madelyn eyes winded as she snaps her head to Melina who was currently counting to ten loudly in her thoughts. It was not a good sign. Nor were the thoughts that came forward like a herd of wildebeest.

Surprisingly it was uncle Rex who spoke who was clearly annoyed from his tone of voice, “for sixteen years you've know Melina fate to marry the queens son?” He looks at each of my parents poker faces. “There is more to this than meets the eyes. Your own daughter,” Rex looks to my mother. 

“Rex you are a guest in my house, I don't want to lose my friend over matters of my family,” dad says sternly. 

“Stop this,” Melina snaps coming to her feet. “If anyone got any reason to feel betrayed it’s me.” 

‘Oh holy gems stones,’ I think aloud as I see blue waves of anger in her eyes. 

‘Counting to ten won't work this time,’ Madelyn thought back leaning back on her chair with her head looking up. 

“Dam right it won't Madelyn,” Melina snapped back again making our dad jump to his feet. 

“I will not stand for it Melina!” He shouted making us jump, it was rare that he shouted and when he it always shocked us. “Do you think this has been easy on us?

“Do you think this is easy on me?!” Melina shouted her hands clenched by her sides and Ignetia perched on her shoulder. 

I stand going over to Melina touching her hand, ‘calm down everyone's emotions are running too highly.’ 

Melina snatches her hand away, “you don't know what it's like.”

“We couldn't tell you Melina,” mum spoke I could hear the regret in her voice. “She wouldn't allow it.” 

“I don't want to hear anymore,” Melina put her arms in the air. “I need some air.” Melina walked away from the quiet room. 

“Is Madelyn to marry a doctor? Have you arranged those details out yet?” Uncle Rex said sarcastically as Melina feet echoed on the stairs. 

“One more comment like that and you will me leaving my house,” dad warned uncle Rex making his action very clear as he pointed towards the door. 

“Girls why don't you go and unpack it's getting late,” mum said calmly. 

“I can't believe this,” Madelyn mutters as she stands. I look at each of them knowing that a cloaking spell would be put up as we left the room. 

“Melina needs to know what's being said,” I say to them before leaving with Madelyn. 

As much as I loved the guest bedroom there's nothing like coming home to your own room. I ran my fingers over my desk and sigh feeling a sense of peace as my room welcomed me back home. That peace however, soon disappeared as I heard the front doorbell chime.  Who on earth could be knocking at this hour? I waited wondering if anyone else would answer. It soon became apparent by the third ring that nobody else could hear the doorbell.

I left the peace of my room, going past the firmly closed living room door and went downstairs to the main door. The doorbell rang once more, “no patients some people.” I muttered feeling tired from the hectic day. 

Finding the keys I opened the door expecting to see a person but saw no one. I looked around with my eyes wondering if it was some kind of joke when I notice a small bouquet of white flowers. 

There was no note attached to the pale blue wrapping, just a silver ribbon bow. I bent to pick up the flowers inhaling their sweet scent and wondered what type of flowers these were… More importantly who were they from?

The End

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