Melina's Admirer


I turned off my music and listened to the busy restaurant. The headphones on my head create the illusion that I am still immersed in the world of hip hop, letting me analyze my situation. I got lucky on the plane with the flight attendant, Uncle Rex wasn't around to see her real face. I cannot let it happen again and at IHOP of all places.

My sisters are talking about Ryan and Uncle Rex keeps looking at his iPhone while glancing at me from time to time. I am still mad at him for his language that he used on me. It isn't my fault that the fairy queen likes me well enough to be a bride for her son. Hell, I am still thinking I am in a dream but then again my tarot predication came to be. Dolphins in the distance, and me looking for Jupiter through the trees, following his melody and then falling in love with him. Or maybe I am not in love myself, maybe I should take the potion as well...

"Your table is ready," a waitress comes up to us. 

Marcella nudges my side making me look at her. She repeats the waitress words and I get up to follow them to the table. 

When we get to the table, Uncle Rex shoves his phone into my face. I read the message: No music at the table.

I roll my eyes at him and take off my head phones and clicking a couple of buttons on my phone. I take my seat and receive my menu. After scanning the menu to check it hasn't changed, I take a chance at looking at the table next to us. A big mistake.

Stan, the most annoying customer on the planet is sitting next to us, grinning like an idiot. I gulp and Marcella grips my thigh, hard.

Ignore him sister. We are having dinner with uncle Rex,’ Marcella thinks telepathically.

I can only ignore him when we move tables,’ I growl back telepathically.

There are no open tables and uncle Rex is hungry. You need to act like an adult,’ Marcella digs her nails into my thigh.

“Melina!” Stan announces. “Your parents said you’re in San Diego.”

I force a smile upon my lips. “I was.”

“Oh, so you’re back!” Stan says happily. “I bought a tarot deck from your mother. She said that you are going to start doing private lessons. I signed up on the list.”

Don’t yell,’ Marcella warns telepathically.

“G… g… great,” I grit my teeth. “L… Listen I am h… having dinner with my family so… so yeah umm bye.”

Inside, I am planning to use my vines to strangle him and leave him to be picked up by cops on the street. Strangling till him passing out, not him dying.

“Oh, right,” Stan smiles.  “Well, we are going to go pay the bill and leave. See you at my private lesson.” Stan gets up, waves and walks past me, followed by his friend who looks embarrassed.

I sigh in relief but still feel Stan’s eyes on my back while he is paying, I am thankful when I hear the door close and that I am no longer watched.

“You handled yourself well,” Marcella nods approvingly.

I glare at her.

“Who was that?” Uncle Rex asks.

“Stan, he has a huge crush on Melina,” Madelyn giggles. “I totally forgot about him. Our mother is in trouble now.”

“Hmm,” Uncle Rex thinks out loud. “He looks like a nice guy and is attractive.”

“Don’t you dare!” I growl. “Don’t you dare think that for one second I would fall for your matching skills to be matched with Stan. N. E. V. E. R.”

“Now, that’s Melina whom I love and cherish,” uncle Rex laughs, disregarding my threat.

I roll my eyes and look away in time to see the waitress show up. Everyone orders and after she is gone, I glare at my family.

“One more whisper about Stan and I am walking. I can get home easy from here,” I warn all of them.

“Right, now I want to talk about Eddie,” Madelyn says.

Everyone looks at her with curiosity.

“Why?” uncle Rex asks.

“How old is he? How many spells does he know? Does he still have living family? Can he leave the house easily?” Madelyn lists some questions for the start.

Be careful,’ I warn her telepathically. I don’t want uncle Rex to be suspicious.

She gives me a smug look.

“Well,” uncle Rex thinks about how to phrase his answer.

Our drinks come at this moment.

The End

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