Hunger for magic


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle

 Thankfully uncle Rex was in his small office oblivious to antics of Tara and as we sat waiting for Melina to explain.

 “This is not ordinary perfume bottle,” Melina started which made Marcella raise her eyebrow. “It contains a potion.”

 “What kind of potion?” I asked wondering why Melina would need a potion.

 “I need to know if Jupiter feelings for are me are real and not a part of plan for the fairly queen.” Melina confesses “I know that it may not be the right way to go about the situation, I heard that fairies use their magic to influence people’s emotions and if Jupiter is playing me for a fool then I need to find out before it’s too late.”

 I looked at Marcella and watched as she took the information in before she asked the question that I was also thinking. 

 “How did you find and make the forbidden potion?” Now I was the one to raise my brows shocked that Melina had use a forbidden potion without telling us but at the same time I was excited.

 “Erm…Eddie.” Melina said sheepishly. 

 Marcella sat back in her seat and closed her eyes no doubt deciding the next course of action.

 “What was it like, making the spell I mean?” I asked.

 “Hard to explain at first I was worried but that soon went away as I worked on the potion. It felt different. To complete the spell Jupiter needs to drink the potion.”

 “How do you plan on doing that?”


“Honestly I will ask him to drink the potion, if he cares for me then he will do it willingly. But if he argues or refuses then-

 “Sneak it into his drink?” I suggested. 

 “Jupiter will smell the potion,” Marcella opened her eyes. “The option would be to disguise the potion and mask your emotions as he will figure out something is amiss.”

 Melina blinks, “you’re not mad?”

 “I’m not happy, however I do see your point and you are using the potion for good use.” Marcella says and a smile appears on Melina face, “just make sure mum and dad don’t find out.”

 “I think I need to take a picture and capture this moment.” I say surprised by my sister reaction. Out of nowhere a small pillow hits my face. 

 “Careful,” Marcella says with a smile on her face. 

 The smell of food wafted through the plan as Tara returned with our lunch. Melina hid the bottle away in her bag and took out her hairbrush. I moved back to my seat, gazing down at the ocean wondering if we would meet mermaids again. 

 “Your lunch Madelyn, macaroni cheese can I get you anymore refreshments?” Tara asked as she placed my lunch on the table. 

 I studied Tara for a moment, “do you have cherry soda?” I knew full well that they did not have that drink available but I wanted to see if the potion was still active. 

 “I'm afraid will do not have beverage, we have lemon and lime?” Tara said pleasantly. 

 “I will have that then, thank you.” Tara smiles before leaving and I notice my sisters watching her too. I look at each of them giving then both a thumbs up and see them both exhale a sigh of relief. 


                                                      ~             ~             ~

The rest of the flight was uneventful, unless you count hearing Uncle Rex yell at someone several times. By the time we landed, Uncle Rex has cooled down and my sisters and I could relax.

“Okay,” Uncle Rex says after we pick up our baggage and go to a car rental place on the airport premises. “I am hungry; your parents are still working so waiting for dinner would be horrible. I say we go to IHOP, enjoy some food and I will have time to think on what to say to your parents.”

“Okay!” I smile at him. I look at my arms because of the burning sensation around my wrists. Melina’s spell is broken. I can use magick again, I sigh in relief. Hunger consumes my senses, both for food and for magick. Going without something that is a part of me takes a toll on my psyche so Uncle Rex’s idea is in my favor.

“Food is good,” Marcella says absently.

Melina continues to listen to music, ignoring the three of us. I can see her hand playing with the tip of the bottle that is lodged in her jean pocket in the front. She really is worried about Jupiter. I hope it will work out.

“Great,” Uncle Rex replies, knowing full well that Melina will not reply.

We follow him to Hertz rental place where we get a car and drive to IHOP near our home.

As I get into the car, my phone buzzes. I look at the text and a smile plays on my lips.

“Must be Ryan,” Marcella says from the front seat.

Melina nudges my side and winks at me, and then goes back to listening to her music. 

I laugh at their reactions. “Yes, Ryan. He is asking if we landed safe and stuff.”

“That’s considerate of him,” Uncle Rex joins our girl talk.

“Ryan is a good guy,” I reply thinking of knowing what a bad guy acts like.

“I know,” Uncle Rex replies.

Fifteen minutes we park at IHOP and walk in to see relatively busy staff. Looks like it will be a while till I get to eat. 

The End

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