Going home


“Feel free to take some books back with you,” I jumped hearing uncle Rex’s voice behind me.

“I don’t I know where to start,” I say turning round and see that he is leaning against a table admiring his library of books.

“My collection is vast, English classics, history, science and that’s not including the magic content.”

“Grimoires?” I ask interested now.

“A few are scattered about the house containing a range of magic, I keep hoping that Adrianna will release her magic and start practicing.” Uncle Rex sighs turning away picking up some paperwork when we hear Melina shout from the living room.

“You can’t blame her uncle Rex she didn’t ask for this,” I explain and watch him stare for a moment before shaking his head.

“Well she was standing in the way.”

“That’s not what I meant uncle she-

“I think it best we go and see to your sisters,” uncle Rex says moving to the door and holding it open for me to follow.


The mood lighted once we reach the First Class lounge, Melina accepted Madelyn apology but kept to herself as she sat reading a magazine with her headphones in. Uncle Rex was busy on his laptop working and making phone calls dealing with his film company. Madelyn was examining her colourful nails and I watched as the nail technician filed my nails ready for my French manicure.

It seemed only yesterday that we were landing in San Diego and now we were leaving.

“I think I’m going to miss Eddie,” Madelyn says.

I smiled at her, happy that she was able to overcome her fear of ghosts. “I’m sure you will see him again, but try not to throw any water when others are about next time.”

A sheepish smile speared over her face, “it was kind of funny though and Eddie started it.”

“Did you forget that Eddie is a…football player meaning that he is quick on his feet?” I corrected myself in front of the young human.

“Took a chance,” Madelyn shrug standing up, “would you like a drink?”

“Cranberry with ice please, thank you and ask Melina.” Madelyn nodded before leaving to ask Melina but I saw her shake her head.

‘I know we are going home but everything will be fine.’ I thought to Melina but was hit with the wall that blocked her head; she did however give me a small smile. I sighed and watched the nail technician work on my nails.

An hour later a member of staff came over to uncle Rex and spoke briefly to him before leaving. “Time to go girls, follow me,” uncle Rex gathered his work and picked up our hand luggage. We notice then that we passed the terminal for our flight, we followed uncle Rex wearing curious expressions and we came to stop where a flight attendance stood by small desk area.

“Uncle Rex what is going on?” I asked as I handed over my passport to be check, uncle Rex simply opened the double door and I saw the private plane waiting.

“Well I thought we could go back in style,” uncle Rex announced and I saw the excitement in my sister’s eyes as we approached the plane.

“Wow,” Melina stood admiring the beauty of the plane.

“I second that wow,” Madelyn came inside and we had a quick look around before we took our seats.

Once we could move around a female flight attendant called Tara came round giving us menus for a our meal, I thanked her choosing chicken salad and lemon slice tart. Maggie moved on to Melina who was holding small glass bottle in her hands, she looked lost in thought as she stared at the pale pink liquid that must of being her perfume.

 I could hear Tara speaking to my sister about her perfume and I saw her pick it up, “the bottle a little plain for DKNY.”

“It’s a travel size bottle,” Melina said weary keeping her eyes on the bottle. I didn’t blame her I wouldn’t like a stranger handing my expensive perfume either.

“I don’t think I’ve seen this one before, mind if I-

“No stop,” Melina jumped up as the woman stepped back from her sudden moment and sprayed the perfume. “Oh gosh.”

Shocked by her rudeness I went over, noticing the fuss Madelyn rose from her seat, “Melina that is no way to behave.”

“Marcella that…this…I…”

“Chill your beans I only going to sniff the bottle, you didn’t need to jump up like your arse was on fire and scar the crap of me.” Tara spoke and dropped the bottle into Melina shaking hands and went back to the side cabin.

“What in the flying broomsticks was that?” I said staring after Tara.

“Is she on something?” Madelyn asked confused by the drama.

“Erm…” Melina sat down in her chair looking uncomfortable. “You could say that.”  

The End

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