Melina's Exhausted Self


I raise my head from the pillow after the door closes behind my sisters. It was thoughtful of Marcella to leave me a calming candle but I am not sleeping yet. Eddie warned me about my sisters leaving the kitchen that is how I knew to pretend to sleep.

I blow out the candle before transporting back to the attic. Ignetia is stirring the potion. I come up to the cauldron and sniff the potion; it smells like leaves in the autumn.

“How long till we’re done?” I ask Eddie who is perched on a bookshelf.

He grins at me. “Another thirty minutes of stirring and you got yourself a potion. You will be able to feel his real emotions towards you.”

I roll my eyes. I haven’t done a potion in a while. Normally my sisters and I would be doing it together. We would normally create healing potions if one of us in the family were sick or offering potions for our matron goddesses. This potion is different and forbidden. It is forbidden because even though we are witches, when it comes to love and emotions, we are like everyone else. We are like mortals. We are not meant to step ahead in the game of love.

“How do you know it will work? We are talking about giving it to a fairy. I don’t think I would be able to hide the fact that I am giving him a potion,” I say thoughtfully.

“You either put it in his drink or tell him to drink it. If he has feelings for you, he would drink it either way,” Eddie says.

“That doesn’t make me feel better,” I respond and take the stirring wand from Ignetia. “My turn. Ignetia, please let me know if someone will be on the way to my room.”

~             ~             ~

I am the first in the living room with my suitcase. I sit down onto the couch and check my make-up. I am wearing a lot of concealer to hide my lack of sleep. After the potion was completed, I poured out the perfume from my perfume bottle to make room for my potion. I had to clean the bottle for an hour before it could be filled.

I raise my head to the sound of water splashing. Eddie flies fast away from a very angry Madelyn.  At least she has her suitcase and is dressed. We can’t afford being late to our flight.

“Eddie, what did you do?” I ask while watching him hide behind me.

“Nothing!” He yells as I feel cold water splash down on the both of us. My wake-up which was not water proof, smears.

Madelyn steps back in shock as she realizes that she not only sent her spell onto Eddie but also on her older sister. Through my now smeared eyes, I get up slowly from the couch and Madelyn steps back once more.

“M…M…Melina,” Madelyn stutters as she raises her arms in the air. “I didn’t mean to. Eddie…I was aiming at Eddie.”

“You ruined my make-up!” I yell.

I am tired, my body hates me, I have to redo my face… The anger that I have been holding in me for the past day and night rushes into my hands. My vines aim at Madelyn’s hands. The wrap around them like handcuffs. Then they dissolve.

“You are grounded,” I say angrily to Madelyn. “Your magick has been grounded until we land back in San Diego.”

Marcella walks in with Uncle Rex. Both of them look at Madelyn’s hands and then at me. Marcella shakes her head at Madelyn.

“I agree with Melina, you can’t use magick against your sister,” she snaps her fingers. My clothes are dry and my eyes are fixed.   

“Thank you,” I manage as I pull in my vines.

“Alright, ladies, the driver is waiting, let’s go,” Uncle Rex says.

I take my suitcase and wave to Eddie. He promised to visit me yesterday so I didn’t need to say goodbye. Adrianne walked in with her mother. Adrianne hugged each of us and we walk outside. The driver stand, irritated, by the car. We put in our cases and slide in the back while Uncle Rex slides in the front seat.

I watch the mansion as the car drivers away.

The End

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