Madelyn-Water Witch


GardeniasCastle & Fitzy

“Go away!” Adrianne yelled.

I just knocked on her door. I would have just walked in but it’s locked. “It’s me, Madelyn.”

“Don’t care!” She yells. “Go away!”

I roll my eyes at her dramatic self and think of a spell.

Waters of the unknown
Help me unlock
Help me help the one who needs it
Unlock the world for me to enter
So mote it be!

As the last word escapes my lips, a water key appears in my palm. I smile and slide it inside the door. I open the door and peek inside. Adrianne looks angrily at me from her bed which is filled with too many pillows and tissues.

“I should have learned magick,” she growls.

“Yes, but you wanted to be normal. Magick is full of possibilities,” I fully enter the room and lock the door.

“I already talked with my dead mother today, I don’t need to talk to a known it all witch,” Adrienne throws a pillow at me which I turn into a puddle of water.

I make a face at her. “Don’t be like that. So most men are horrible, doesn’t mean you need to take it out on us.”

“ALL men are horrible,” Adrienne says.

I sigh and sit down next to her. “You just need to look harder. I know for a fact that one boy has a crush on you.” Her eyes widen at me and I continue to tell her about the waiter.

At the end of my short story, she shakes her head. “Jeremy is nice and all…but.”

“But what?” I ask feeling irritated.

“He is not…like me,” she says.

My eyes widen. “Please tell me I understood wrong and you are not telling me you would date only rich boys?”

She blushes. “I tend to like expensive gifts. Jeremy works at a restaurant.”

“I really need to teach you be less shallow.” I shake my head in anger.

“Can’t help it,” she mutters and starts crying again.

“So did you know that Melina got engaged?” I ask to change the topic while I think of a spell that can show Adrianne how good she can be with people.

She stops crying instantly. “ENGAGED?” She yells.

I laugh. “Yeah, I was shocked, too. She is engaged to a fairy prince. Oh speaking of that, we are apparently kidnapping your dad because he wants to explain to my parents about Melina and stuff.”

“Oh now you really have to tell me what happened during the ball,” Adrianne says with glowing eyes.

I laugh and start talking. It takes me forty minutes to tell her everything, mainly because of her interruptions. 

“O.M.G!” Adrianne gasps, “what a love story and wait your sister had her date tonight did she meet her prince charming?”

I sighed leaning back, “she didn’t even kiss the frog.”

“Is that meant to be some kind of a joke because I don’t understand,” Adrianne asked puzzled fluffing up her pillows.

“Her date failed to show and gave some lame excuse.”

“This just proves that men are horrible lying bas-

“Okayyy I think we need a sugar fix,” I say swiftly climbing off the bed and pulling her hand. I notice that the spell has dropped from Marcella door but still remains on Melina’s.

“So what did Marcella do?” Adrienne asks keen to gather all the information.

I explained everything, feeling a sense of possible friendship growing-granted it was small but still I could feel it and as we approached the kitchen I felt Marcella humming magic as she sat with a piece of cake in front of her.

We talked while we gathered some snacks and sat with Marcella who didn’t seem to mind us interrupting her quiet time. 

Even Marcella mentioned Jeremy and was met with the same response, I watched her expression change but for once she did not comment merely shrugged before standing up to wash her plate.

“You can leave your plate, the maid will do it,” Adrienne yawned.

“I prefer to do it myself, now I think we should all go to bed,” Marcella said in that tone that meant no buts.

Adrienne went straight up saying goodnight; I help Marcella clean the kitchen, watched as she leant on the work surfaces and hid her yawning behind her hand.

We walk up the stairs and stop outside Melina door, “the spell has dropped.”

“I’m glad,” Marcella says and quietly opens the door I wait outside hearing Melina sleeping. I see Marcella touch a thick candle that comes to life, turning blue, Marcella watches Melina briefly before walking out of the room closing her door.

“A calming candle,” Marcella explains and nods her head towards my door. “Goodnight sister, bless that you sleep well.”

“You too, goodnight,” I reply and hug her before going into my room and clasps onto my bed.


As the sun rose chasing the moon I awoke with a feeling of sadness that we were leaving today. So much has happened I thought to myself as I pulled the blanket away from legs, reluctantly my feet touched the floor and I groggy entered the bathroom. 
I soon woke up however when I was searching for something to wear and heard him without warning. 

"You will want something comfortable to travel in." 

"Jeez Eddie!" I turned and saw Eddie lounging above my bed, "one of these day I will scare you."

"I await the challenge young witch." 

The End

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