Behind the flames


The flames roared in frustration as I roamed around my room stripping my dress off and throwing it to the side as I entered the bathroom turning on the shower. I scrubbed the make-up from my face feeling the sting as the soap fell into my eyes and growled to myself for believing that he would show up. I finished washing in the shower, wrapping a towel around my body I wiped the condensation from the mirror and wondered what people actually thought when they looked at me.

I left the bathroom changing into some clothes, towel drying my hair and tying it up. Feeling my irritation Zafrina appeared on my dressing table, going to lower draw of the bedside cabinet I took out the pebbles that picked up from the beach.

Holding them close to my lips I whispered the spell that awakes the spirit living inside and dropped them to the floor besides the fire. I sat on the floor my breathing steady, with a flick of my wrist the candles were alight strengthen not only me but the lock spell on my door.

“Sit benedictus,” I say before I feel the pull of the magic consume the meditation.

 I opened my eyes slowly, the fire white with flames as it flickered on the black bricks, the room was lighter than before I notice and turned to my dresser where Zafrina was still sat.

“I like the fire,” I commented breaking the silence.

Zafrina broke eye contact with me and looked to the fire, “a lot has happened since we spoke.”

“It’s been an experience this trip,” I sighed thinking of each of my sisters.

“Nonsense this trip is only just beginning,” Zafrina replied and she flew to the fireplace.

“I don’t understand we are leaving tomorrow and I have to hope that my parents do not know about Melina disappearance. Then there is the Callum drama” Zafrina shakes her head disapprovingly, “what?”

“At some point you will have to lead your own life Marcella,”

“They need me and I promise to protect them but I have already slipped up,” I grumble annoyed at myself and move to the floor.

Zafrina flew down so we are eye level with each other, “you are protecting them by allowing your sisters to grow. They are growing in magic and confidence. You may not always be around to protect them and how are they to learn if you are always there to save them?”

I let Zafrina wise words sink in as I stroked her soft feathers, “do you think fate was playing a trick on me?”

“How do you mean?”

“I have been too consumed on my sisters and their relationships to think about myself,” I admit out loud.

“You think that is the reason for your mystery man?” Zafrina asks as she goes onto my shoulder lightly.

“I think that’s why he did not turn up tonight,” I pick up the pebbles. “I can’t picture him Zafrina. My feelings are mixed, every time I try to think about him I feel a black hole of mystery and I am dancing around the edges of wanting to know.”

“You can’t dance,” I smile at her comment and feel the connection fall.

When I open my eyes the room is back to normal, the fire burning low now as the wood has turned to ash.

How long was I ‘out’?

Rubbing my eyes I notice that the pebbles were placed differently and I slowly moved my hand over the pebbles and watched as the symbols craved themselves on the pebbles.

“What does that mean?” As soon as the words left my mouth black flames covered the runes pebbles, I jumped and watched in shock as the rune pebbles disappeared.


I have never being so grateful to find cake in the fridge before. In need of something sweet I went down to the kitchen, my hand seeking the handrail to steady my tired body from magic. Choosing the chocolate frosting cup cake I inhaled the rich dark chocolate before sitting on a nearby stool.

But just as I was about to bite into heaven I heard the sound of feet appear. “It’s late,” I tell them and lift my eyes to them both.

“Midnight snack,” Adrienne says strolling towards the cupboards.

“Girl talk needs sugar,” Madelyn adds opening the fridge.

I take a bite of my cake enjoying the thick chocolate taste as the girls assembled their snacks on the counter where I was sat on a stool. “Is the lock spell still around Melina door?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe uncle Rex blew up like that,” Madelyn says perching herself on the stool next to me.

“Believe me, my dad may be laid back with most things but something like this and he flips,” Adrienne sits on the opposite stool and knew then that my silence was gone for the night. “I heard you had a rough night too Marcella and if I ever come across the guy then I will make him regret his reasons for ditching you.” 


The End

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