Forbidden Potion


I did not slam the door of my room. I closed it quietly so Marcella wouldn’t hear my anger. Then, I put a lock spell on it so my sisters wouldn’t dare to enter and try making me feel better. They can’t.

“My, my you have a temper,” Eddie appears on my bed.

“How did you get in here?” I ask. “Ghosts are also supposed to be stopped by my lock spell.”

“I’m stronger than you think. Your spell won’t hold me back, but it does hold back other ghosts,” Eddie says.

I narrow my eyes at him. I forgot that this boy has been dead for a while and has wisdom beyond anything I’ve read. I turn my head from him to hear a flutter of Ignetia’s wings. She flies through my window and lands next to Eddie. I hang my head. I feel like I am going to get another lecture right now, not just from a ghost but from a dragon as well. The story of my life…

“Ignetia, nice to see you again. Where have you been?” I ask.

“Back home,” Ignetia replies. “There is…” she glances at Eddie. “A little problem. One of my cousins is distraught.”

“I am sorry,” I reply. I don’t ask who or what happened. I know she wouldn’t talk in front of Eddie. “I want to be alone.”

“We understand,” Ignetia says. “But, you also need to talk about what happened. I don’t think you realize what your future holds.”

“I’m seventeen,” I cross my arms. “It holds nothing.”

“You have fallen for the prince,” Eddie says.

I look at him. “I haven’t fallen for him… at least not yet.”

“It didn’t look like that near those trees,” Eddie says.

I turn a beat shade of red. “EDDIE! How dare you!”

“Don’t worry, I left when it got heated,” Eddie smirks.

I blink. This is no kid I am dealing here with. “Eddie,” I growl.

He shrugs. “You’re a strong witch. You proved it at the dance. That fight made you even stronger if you haven’t noticed. The queen noticed a power change in you as well; of course she would want you as a daughter-in-law. It does not matter in this case if you have fairy blood or not but I guess she foresaw your future, the real reason behind her giving you her blood when you were a child.”

I pull up a chair and fall into it, my legs going numb at his words. “Even… even if that’s the case.” I gulp. “Jupiter said he likes me on his own and not because of his mother.”

“You are dealing with fairies here. You don’t realize that he doesn’t have to use any magick to grab your attention, do you? Most girls at the ball were entranced with him. You are no different. Also, his flute is magick in its purest form!” Eddie’s voice rises. “You never know if a fairy loves you or just trying to enslave you.”

“He speaks the truth,” Ignetia agrees.

“Broom dust!” I curse. “What do you propose I do if you two are so smart?”

“Well, how about a potion?” Eddie asks.

I blink. “What potion?”

“To decipher true feelings of one and your other half,” Eddie explains and looks at me like I’m an idiot.

I start to feel my legs again. “That is one of the forbidden potions, Eddie. It is not the way of our family.”

Eddie scoffs. “Whatever. You are a witch and it’s a potion. If the potion was created, it is good for something.”

“Slight problem,” I tell him, seeing his point.

“What?” He asks as he stretches out on my bed, making Ignetia move.

“Since it is a forbidden potion, I don’t know how to make it and I probably don’t have the ingredients with me.” I explain.

Eddie rolls his eyes. “That’s no problem. I got the ingredients in the attic. Let’s go.”

I look to Ignetia. “I think you should do everything in your power to not be falling for a scheme of the fairy queen.”

“I think you just want to taste the magick of the potion,” I reply to her with a smile. “Let’s go but I don’t want interruptions and uncle Rex better not find out.”

“I will teach you a stronger lock spell when we get to the attic,” Eddie says and flies through the ceiling.

“Looks like I will be learning two things,” I say as I grab my grimoire and feather pan with black ink. I say the teleportation spell to get me to the attic without my sisters hearing me, leaving the lock spell around my room. Igneria appears a moment after me inside the attic.

Eddie teaches me the spell for the lock which I quickly do and the rest of the evening and partly night is spent working on the potion. 

The End

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