Sisterly unhappiness


Written by Fitzy & GardeniasCastle


Under strict orders we were told not to mention the man in question and oddly we could order whatever we wished. Coming from a sensible Marcella that was a rather odd request, we agreed and when Jeremy came over to take our order I watched as his eyebrows raise. 

“Thank you ladies, can I get you anymore drinks?”

“No thank you,” Marcella replied, Jeremy nodded before leaving us. 

Melina bumped shoulders with Marcella, “Jeremy pretty cute.”

“I wouldn’t let Jupiter hear that,” she replied, not taking the bait as she unfolded her napkin onto her lap. 

“I think you are missing her point,” I commented reaching for my glass of lemonade.

“That is exactly what I am doing.”

“Come on Cella, one experience should not put you off man for life and we each saw love in our feature remember?” Melina said brightly. 

“Well I think I must find love in years to come,” Marcella rested her chin on her hand as she leant on the table.

Wanting to change the subject quickly I remember seeing Nick this afternoon and wondered if he was still misleading Adrienne. I saw Melina open her mouth to reply to Marcella but I beat her to it, “did you know that Nick is a twofaced rat?”

Both of my sisters turned to face me, their faces confused, Jeremy appeared with our starters and after thanking him we tucked into our food. I lunched into the tale from last night before the drama from last night happened with Callum. 

“I don’t think this afternoon went well, Nick stormed past me slamming the front door and now I guess it makes sense.” Melina sighed and smiled as Jeremy came to collect our plates. 

“I know poor Adrienne, I bet she lost her confidence in men,” I said. “I saw her crying last night in the ballroom running towards the stairs.”

“Well she’s better off without him, I hope he leaves her alone and think she could do much better,” Jeremy came to her side reaching for Marcella plate and I notice then how he seemed to linger on our table as we discussed the matter. Jeremy explained that our main meal were on their way and left us.

“Did anyone else notice that?” I asked my sisters.

“The fact that he was hanging on our every word?” Melina smiled winking her pretty eyes.

“That his face lit up at the mention of Nick leaving?” Marcella commented innocently.

“I wonder if they know each one another.” 

Jeremy came back carrying our main meal, each of my sisters set their gaze on mentally assessing him. 

“We should talk to Adrienne first, she how she is after dealing with Nick and drop a small hint about Jeremy working here.” Marcella explained as she cut into her meat, and made an ‘mmm’ noise as ate. 


~          ~          ~

When we get home, Marcella quickly walks to her room. We let her and watch Uncle Rex’s reaction.

“What happened?” He asks.

“He never showed up,” I respond. 

He looks surprised. “After all that trouble he went through.” He shakes his head in disappointment. 

“Yes,” Melina growls. “When I get my vines around his neck, I will be satisfied.”

I blink in surprise at her earthly blood lust. “Sister.”

“Don’t sister me,” she replies. “Our sister is changing right in front of our eyes. Also, she looked weird when the motorcycle passed us by.”

“Yeah, I noticed that, too.” I nod my head.

“So,” Uncle Rex breaks our conversation. “Was anyone going to tell me that that the fairy queen planned the engagement between her son and Melina?”

Melina’s face pales and I laugh nervously. 

“I thought it was only supposed to be a date, not a marriage proposal,” Uncle Rex continues when he figures out we will not respond.

“It started as a date and then I remember my childhood and our engagement. The fairy queen approves,” Melina whispers. 

“Do you approve? Your parents will never agree even if you do like Jupiter in that way.” Uncle Rex looks angry. “You are underage and already engaged. Do you have a ring? Or that jewellery that you wore for the ball was the engagement gift?”

Melina holds her dress tightly in her hands. “I know I am underage. I know that I hardly know Jupiter. But I also know that I can love him. And, you do not want to go against the fairy queen. That is asking for trouble.”

“Don’t tell me who I can’t go against.” Uncle Rex snaps. “Your parents do not know about the engagement yet and you girls are flying out tomorrow. I will come with you back to San Mateo and talk to them about what to do about it.”

I blink at him. I have never seen him angry before and he is taking out his anger on Melina who did nothing wrong. I look to Melina, to see her eyes swell up with tears. 

“I didn’t ask to be engaged. I didn’t ask for this. But I think you should let me deal with it,” she says and holds in her sobs.

“You can’t deal with this. I knew the fairy queen was up to something. There is always a price with her,” Uncle Rex says. 

“Uncle Rex,” I speak up and he sends me a glare. “Please stop. It is our last night here. We don’t want to remember our experience here as a bad one. Also, you have a daughter to look after. She is hurt and in pain over the guy she lost. She needs her father and mother.”

“My wife will take care of Adrianne,” Uncle Rex says. His eyes soften a little. “But, I took responsibility for the three of you. Not only did you three get hurt by Callum but she also got engaged. Your parents will be pissed off.”

“Our parents know that life happens,” Melina says as she wipes at her teary eyes. 

“No, they will be angry. I know your father,” Uncle Rex snaps once again. 

Melina stomps her foot and runs away from us through the corridor to her room.

“Uncle, you really didn’t need to say this stuff,” I tell him and run after my sister. 

I stop in between the doors of my sisters. Both of them have put a ‘do not enter’ spell on their doors which I cannot break. Both sisters are stronger than me. I won’t try for them to open their doors. They need to be alone.

I sigh and go look for Adrianne. If I can’t help my sisters, I may as well tell Adrianne about the waiter and help her move on. 

The End

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