The date


Stopping dead in my tracks, feeling something warm creep down my arms like fire licking my exposed arms in command and then it vanished leaving me breathless. Pretending like nothing had happened I carry on walking to catch my sisters and feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise hearing motorcycle zoom past us.

“Marcella, where is the fairy godmother shop?” Madelyn asked.

Why did I keep seeing the motorcycle?

“Where are we going, Marcella hellooo.” Melina questioned amused by my absent-minded self.

More importantly who was riding the motorcycle?

Suddenly something sharp pinched my skin, “Ow! Broomsticks that hurt.”

“And she’s back,” Melina declared happily.

“That’s not fair I wanted to pinch her,” Madelyn pouted.

“Enough,” I said rubbing my arm. “This way and try to not act like wild animals.”

Of course, this only encouraged then to make a range of animal noises until we reach the shop. I sighed as we entered breathing the comforting atmosphere and I heard my sisters gasp.

“Oh wow!” Madelyn practically bounced on her feet taking in row upon row of dresses.

“This place is amazing,” Melina said approvingly.

“I know dear I become lost within this shop,” Roma came down the walkway of her shop, wearing colourful sun dress that was no doubt of her own creation. “Back so soon my dear, tell me did you like your mask?”

“Roma it was beautiful thank you,” I heard someone cough behind me, “let me introduce my sisters, Melina and Madelyn.”

“Greetings young sisters I am Roma,” Roma introduced herself holding out her hand and I smiled secretively.

My sisters greeted Roma and shook her hand their eyes focusing on her as Roma brushed them both using her power.

“Now how can I help you today?”

“Well I’m go-

“Marcella got a blind date tonight,” Madelyn gushed in before I could finish.

“A mystery bid, $360 and an extra hundred if she agreed to dinner,” Melina added excited.

“What an interesting tale, you are looking for a dress corrected?” Roma smiled knowingly.

I nodded following her to racks of dresses, “I don’t want anything too flashy, exposed, or bright.”

Roma tsked at my requirements, “Marcella you make a bin liner look fashionable if you wore one.”

‘Roma certainly puts you in your place,’ Melina smirked and I glared at her comment.

“Now try these,” Roma handed me an arm full of dresses and my eyes widen seeing the short material. “Just try them on.”


     “So what do you think?” I asked my sisters as I came out of the bathroom, they were sat on bed with spell books open. Their surprised expressions were enough to convince me that I looked good but I needed them to say it as I felt conscious of my appearance.

“I think he’d be stupid not to fall for you,” Madelyn said dreamily, “you will go to the ball Cinder’s.”

I rolled my eyes going over to the dressing table picking up my perfume; the skater dress was navy blue flare out above my knee and a V neck line which showed some of my back. Some silk material around my chest with silver pattern threaded through to give the dress some detail.

“I didn’t know your legs were that long,” Melina came off my bed breathing in my perfume deeply. “Wow the guy does not stand a chance.”

I nodded. My shaking hands had not calmed down, my nervous were growing as each hour ticked by and then I felt my sisters take my hands.

“Hey you will be fine Cella,” Melina said soothing my worries and smiled.

“Besides we’ll be there and if he’s an arse then I’ll just use my power to make the waiter tip water over his head,” Madelyn said cheerfully and I saw the mischief in her eyes.

“Less of the human backside language and you will do no such thing Madelyn, now let’s be going shell we,” I gestured towards my door and quickly hair sprayed my up-do hairstyle before grabbing my silver clutch bag.

Uncle Rex took dropped us off outside of the restaurant at 7:15pm as I did not want to be late; my sister had managed to get a table close to mine and agreed that I was to enter first. I took a deep breath steady myself in my heels and walked to the podium where the host was sorting the menu’s out.

“Good evening,” I say politely the man looks up in greeting, “there is a table book, I don’t know the name but its table 26 for 7:30.”

“Yes Ms, if you would follow me, your guest has not arrived yet but I will bring them over once they are here.” I followed the man as he led me to the table, the main dining area was grand styled in warm soft colours, light music played in the background of people talking between bites and delicious smells wafted around the room.

“Here we are Ms,” the man said pulling out my chair, “would you like a drink?” He asked as I sat down.

“Ice water please thank you,” I smiled and hoped the water would cool my racing heartbeat. I placed my bag on the table and heard the male host appear with my sisters glazing as they walked to their table. They sat a few tables in front of me wearing mischievous smiles as they saw where I was sitting.

A waiter came to my table with my ice water; he introduced himself as Jeremy and gave me a menu. My eyes bulged seeing the prices and made me wonder even more of my mystery date.

‘Don’t go mad ordering sisters, uncle Rex won’t want a big bill waiting for him,' I warned my sister, they looked up from their menus giving me innocent look. 'So Madelyn are mum and dad?'  

 Madelyn phoned our parents this afternoon explaining the new students she was teaching. I was too busy getting ready with Melina to ask before and thought now would ideal as I waited for my date.

‘Cella, have you notice the time?’ Melina asked her eyes worrying as she looked at her watch.

‘Stuck in traffic and trying to get a parking space,’ I convinced my sisters but took my phone out from my bag seeing the time. The waiter had already gone to my sister table asking if they were ready to order, they didn’t feeling uncertain as they watched me.

“Excuse me Ms,” I jumped hearing the male host next to my table.

“Can I help?” I asked feeling my heartbeat increase with the feeling that I was dreading.

“Your gentlemen friend is unable to attend tonight, but has left his card details with me if you wish to have dinner.” He informed me, I clenched my fist and was unable to think clear for a moment.

“Do…do you know why he is unable to attend?” I asked feeling my sisters staring at my face.

“He did not say, but apologises deeply for his absence.”

My emotions were like a hurricane within me and my head hurt with the thoughts that travelled around my head. “Right,” I said through gritted teeth the man turned to leave until I stopped him my voice slightly calmer. “If you would mind going over to table 30 and asking my sisters to join me thank you will we order.”

“Right away Ms.”

The End

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