"Don't grow up too fast"


 Written by Fitzy and GardeniasCastle

 It was a dream. Surely everything was a dream and yet as my finger brushed my lips heat rushed over my body remembering Ryan kiss goodnight. I giggled rolling over in bed feeling warm all over.

“I best go before I fall any deeper into your sea blue eyes.”

“I am spellbound by you.”

 Goosebumps sprung upon my skin hearing his voice in my head, his touch and his kiss…I sighed remembering the magical end to the night.

 “Morning Madelyn,” Eddie appeared from nowhere cheerful as ever.

 “Jeez Eddie you scared the cobwebs out of me, morning.” I jumped up in bed holding the blanket.

 “Would you prefer me to knock next time?” Eddie asked sarcastically, I glared in his direction, “okay good to know where you got your glare from.”

 I smiled unable to feel mad at Eddie, “how are you Eddie?”

 “Much the same, now breakfast is almost ready, so take a shower and wake your pretty face up.” Eddie disappeared as quickly as he arrived.

 I wanted to snuggled back down but one growl from my stomach and I was out of bed heading towards the shower. Once showered and dressed I sat plaiting my hair to my left I remember what was happening today.

 Excitement filled me thinking about Marcella and her mystery date tonight. With a spring in my step I made my way downstairs, but halted seeing Melina in the dining room staring outside with Ignetia in her arms and wearing a far-away expression. Using the sister bond I could feel her happiness yet something else was troublingly her mind.

 ‘All is well sister,’ Melina spoke to me. I should have guessed that she would sense my presences.

 The maids came through the doors then carrying trays of food, uncle Rex strolled into the room touching his head and we all gathered around the table.

 “Uncle Rex, are you feeling unwell?” I asked taking my chair.

 “Champagne is not kind to me.” He replied taking two tablets with orange juice.

 “I’m hardly surprised you drank nearly a whole bottle,” Adrianna mother piped in and came to her husband. “You are not as young as you once was.” Uncle Rex whispered his reply and I turned away digging into some breakfast.

 “Where is Marcella it is unlike her to be late?” Melina said noticing the empty seat.

 Adrianna staggered into the room going straight to the coffee, “huff she is already up and out.”

 “You don’t think she’s gone shopping already do you?” I wondered and hoped that she wasn’t.

 The front door opened and closed followed by feet running into the dining room. “I’m soo…sorry…late.” Marcella puffed out, her face red, wet with sweat, bending down with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath.

 “Don’t be my darling now come and sit,” uncle Rex welcomed her brightly.

 Marcella stood her hands roaming around her messed up hair, it was funny seeing Marcella flustered for once…she looked normal, I shared a look with Melina who was hiding her smile whiles drinking her coffee.

 “No I’ll quickly change, I’m all…” Marcella waved her hands around her body. I could feel my shoulders shaking as I tried not to laugh.

 “Sit down Marcella,” uncle Rex told her and she did allowing her breathing to calm before tucking into breakfast.

 “May I at least change?” Marcella asks. My sister always made sure to be presentable, so her outfit would definitely make her edgy.

 “Yes,” Uncle Rex said while rolling his eyes.

 Marcella nodded and with one flick of a finger, she changed from morning run clothes to a red dress. My eyes widen in shock. Marcella… willingly to wear that shade of red…not even in my dreams.

 Melina bursts out laughing.  Marcella glares at her.

 “You like… wow. This mysterious date tonight has you on edge,” Melina says in between her laughter.

 “I will turn you into a frog,” Marcella grinds her teeth.

 “No, you won’t,” Melina says. “You are not one to fall for human stereotypes.”

 Before Marcella can respond, uncle Rex cleared his throat. “Is your date today?”

 “Yes,” Marcella answered quietly.

 “You really shouldn’t have had us be your auction giveaways,” Melina’s face turns serious.

 “But? But!” Uncle Rex says a little too excitedly. “I basically helped you girls find your future. Your parents are going to love hearing that you ladies found your soul mates.”

 Adrianne growls in her seat. All of us turn to look at her. “You care about your nieces more than your own daughter!” She drops the knife that she used to cut the eggs, gets up and quickly walks away. Her chair falls to the ground.

 Mary, Adrianne’s mother pops her head from under the table. “Oh, dear.”

 “It’s your time to talk to her,” I tell her.

 Mary turns to look at me.

 “You waited all this time to give her wisdom and to fix her heart,” I further explain when I realize she isn’t going to reply.

 Mary still looks at me and then her body moves through the table at me.  I jump up from my seat from fear and my chair goes flying as well. I may be getting used to Eddie but a mother ghost….hard to get used to.

 “You getting wise in your young age.” She smiles at me.

 I blush, “I have a long way to go.”

 “Don’t grow up too fast,” she winks and quickly flies over to where her daughter is in the house.

 “Well done,” Marcella nods her head. “You are keeping to the family name.”

 I don’t respond, but pick up my chair.

“Well,” uncle Rex says. “Let’s finish breakfast and I will drive you to the charity headquarters. Do you have anything planned for today after that?”

 The three of us meet eyes and giggle. “Shopping and dinner!”

 “Should have known,” uncle Rex joins in with our giggles.




We just turned in the money and got our photos taken. The manager of the headquarters was really impressed with us, the younglings, as he called us.

 The sun outside is bright.

 “So Marcella, where do you want to start looking for your dress?” Melina asks.

 Marcella smiles, “There’s only one shop for me in San Diego. It is called, the fairy godmother.”

 “Oh! Our Cinderella is going to dress up!” Melina giggles.

 Marcella snaps her fingers and a pink dress replaces the green one on Melina.

 “Learned your lesson yet?” Marcella asks as she rubs her hands together.

 Melina growls. “Just having fun over here! I want my dress back now! How dare you make me wear the worst color ever!”

 “I dare because you were making fun of your older sister!” Marcella snaps.

 “Umm, girls let’s just go shopping,” I try to diffuse the tension between them.

 “Shut up!” They say at the same time as both of them turn their heads to look at me.

 “Fine!” I become angry. “But before I do, I be your godmother for a moment.” Before they can protest, I snap my fingers. Both of their dresses turn blue. I smile in satisfaction.

“We are not Aurora!” my sisters yell at me.

 “Maybe not but I got inspired from the shops name,” I giggle. “Let’s go!”

 We start walking and I watch a motorcycle pass us by. 

The End

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